The Proprietor: Rare Vintage (Side Mission) in BL3

The Proprietor: Rare Vintage Mission Bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: The Lodge (Cursehaven)
  • Level: 57

A procurer that works for Mancubus Bloodtooth has found a special kind of wine which needs to be delivered to The Lodge but has not done so.

Mancubus Bloodtooth requests that you obtain the rare find from the procurer and bring it back to The Lodge yourself.

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Mission Walkthrough

Find The Procurer’s Home

After receiving the mission, head over to Cursehaven and follow the waypoint that points to the procurer’s home.

It will appear that the path is blocked and Mancubus Bloodtooth will then suggest that you flush him out using the gas system nearby.

Flush The Out The Procurer

In order to flush the procurer out of his home, you will need to reroute the gas system so they lead into it.

Head to the valves that control the piping and use them to reroute the gas which are marked by waypoints.

There are two valves that you must use in order to fully reroute the gas.

Once the gas has been rerouted, activate the switch nearby the procurer’s home which will cause an explosion of gas and later on result in the procurer ziplining out of it.

Kill The Procurer

The procurer will retaliate and Mancubus Bloodtooth will imply that you need to kill him since he will not give up the fine wine.

Start killing the procurer and once he is dead, the fine wine will be dropped which you need to deliver to The Lodge.

Deliver The Cask Of Wine

After grabbing the Cask Of Wine that dropped from the procurer, head back to the lodge and deliver it to the cellar.

The cellar can be found by heading down a flight of stairs located behind the bar where Mancubus Bloodtooth is usually standing.

Strangely, Mancubus bloodtooth mentions that you may hear knocking and tells you not to knock back if you hear it.

The Proprietor: Rare Vintage Mission Rewards

After you have delivered the Cask Of Wine, the mission will be completed and you will then be rewarded with around 115,000 cash.

A few seconds after the quest completes, you will hear knocking and its best you just ignore it.


  • Check the waypoints to figure out the best routes to take leading to the two valves where one is reached by climbing up from a ladder and another is through damage pipes that are spewing out fire.
  • The procurer has all armor types and it is best to bring an corrosive weapon for his armor, a shocking weapon for his shield and an incendiary weapon for his health.
  • There is no actual way to figure out what the knocking is and where it is coming from as it is just another spooky thing, for now.
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