Happily Ever After (Side Mission) in BL3

Happily Ever After missions bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: The Lodge (Skittlemaw Basin)
  • Level: 57

The happy grooms are enjoying the wedding reception and you will do the same as well but right after you check with Gaige to see if she has anything else planned.

Gaige will need your help with one last task which apparently is a surprise she had planned but didn’t pull through due to her crash landing.

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Mission Walkthrough

Recovering The Fireworks

Once the mission starts, Wainwright and Hammerlock will have a discussion if he is ok with continuing with the reception after the previous events.

After they agree everything is fine, they will thank you and you will be asked to check with Gaige which you will do by heading over and talking to her.

Gaige will be very tipsy and will ask you to help her out by picking up fireworks that she left behind after the crash as she obviously is too intoxicated to do so.

Head over to the crash site of her drop pod and clear the Frostbiters in the area in order to proceed with inspecting the drop pod.

Once you check the drop pod, the fireworks will be missing and Gaige will notice someone nearby lighting them up.

Follow the waypoint that marks the location where the fireworks are being set off.

As you approach the building where the fireworks are being set, you will notice a doorbell which you must ring in an attempt to confront whoever found them.

The person will flee in a vehicle and you will have to chase them down.

Spawn in your vehicle from the Catch-A-Ride and chase after them while dealing damage in order to force them to drop the fireworks.

As you deal damage to the vehicle, fireworks will drop and once you destroy the vehicle entirely, so will the detonator.

The fireworks and detonator will automatically be picked up if you ride over them or you may pick them up yourself.

Setting Up The Surprise

Once you have the fireworks and detonator, head over to Umbergrist Village (will be full of Frostbiters) which is marked by your waypoint and fight your way to the top.

After making your way through the Frostbiters and reaching the top, place the fireworks and make your way back to The Lodge.

Mingling With The Guests

Head back to Gaige and she will tell you to begin mingling with some of the other guests before the big surprise.

You will need to speak with Claptrap, Mancubus Bloodtooth and the happy couple before the surprise will begin.

Setting Off The Fireworks

After speaking with the newlyweds, Gaige will tell you to set up the detonator as she gets the grooms into position.

You will need to set up the detonator and choose the design of the fireworks.

Once everything is ready, Gaige will tell you to start the fireworks show and soon after, the mission will end.

Happily Ever After Mission Rewards

Once the fireworks have gone off and the couple enjoys the show, the mission will be completed and you will be rewarded with around 153,334 cash and the “Firecracker” epic shotgun.


  • Be sure to have a vehicle with you to quickly move from one location to another as you will need to move in between areas.
  • Frostbiters will be the main enemy in this side mission, making incendiary good for those with red health bars and corrosive good for those with armor.
  • After setting up the fireworks, you can simply fast travel back to The Lodge to avoid wasting time.
  • Regardless of the design you choose, you will still receive the Firecracker.
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