Improve Your Borderlands 3 Gameplay Using These Tips

Borderlands 3 definitely has a lot in store for us but as with all of the games in the title, we sometimes forget the essentials and end up sooner or later having a hard time.

There are several important things that you should keep in mind whether you are new to the game or have experience with the past titles.

Here are 15 tips for Borderlands 3 that can improve your gameplay drastically.

1) Take Up Side Mission

Borderlands 3 Tips

As you progress through the game you might notice that your level may usually be lower than your enemies and this can sometimes prove challenging for some players.

Doing side missions is a great way to catch up with the level of the enemies you face as well as granting you rewards for your efforts.

Try to do all the side missions that you find so that you may progress well in the game and get a little extra on the side as this can make a huge difference later on and be a great way to start.

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2) Complete Bonus Objectives


Some missions will give you a choice to choose between doing what you were originally tasked to do or to complete the mission in another way.

Missions that have two objectives where one is optional can be a good way to earn bonus rewards by resorting to the optional method of finishing the quest.

If you opt to finish the bonus objectives instead of just settle for completing the mission the normal way, you are guaranteed to get more for your actions.

3) Loot Everything


Borderlands 3 is full of loot and the best way to get it is to leave no stone unturned, or I shall we say no storage container unopened.

Take the time to search every loot container you find, especially chests as you can find money and gear which you can either use or save for later.

Looting and getting gear that you don’t need provides an opportunity for you to continuously earn money by simply selling all the loot that you don’t need.

A great way to earn a lot of money is to loot and sell followed by upgrading your backpack so you can carry more and repeat until you start earning more money than you need.

4) Plan Out Your Build


The way you build your character pretty much determines how hard or easy the game will be as your character will benefit from the way you build them.

Choose the right skills and stick to the weapons that suit your skill build to make sure you can make the most out of your build and use it efficiently.

Be sure to read your skills so you can plan out your next move and set a plan to what you want to level up but don’t take it out on yourself if you make a mistake as you can respect later but it’s better to plan to save time and money.

5) Save Money For Later


From all the looting and selling you should earn a lot of money while you progress but be sure to not use up all your money on random things.

You don’t need to purchase a weapon every time that you face harder enemies but simply rely on looting or drops from enemies, especially stronger ones.

Saving money early on allows you to have much more to spend later when you really need it.

6) Focus On Upgrading


You can upgrade your ammo capacity for each weapon as well as the different slots for your items including your backpack, equipped weapons and more.

Upgrading early on is a good investment as you can carry more items to sell later or stay in battle longer since you don’t run out of ammo often.

Focusing on upgrading can save you the time of taking trips back and forth to repeatedly sell items and restock on ammo.

7) Carry Different Weapons


There are different types of weapons in Borderlands 3 and you can carry any type you want but it’s wise to carry different weapons.

If you carry weapons of the same type, they use up the same ammo which later on leaves you without a backup or with a faster ammo consumption.

Having different types of weapons will allow you to stay on the battlefield longer and can ensure that you fight longer and are less likely to run out of ammo.

Since you use different types and they used different ammunition, you can be more efficient when in fights and switch when you run out.

8) Be Familiar With Your Gear


It’s good to know the gear that you have so be sure to check if your weapons have different fire modes and how you can use them.

The damage types of weapons can mean a lot when you are facing enemies since some damage types will do more damage against certain types of enemies.

Checking your grenades and class mods which you can make use to help with your build as well as playstyle is a good way to stay one step ahead and can give you an advantage.

9) Always Restock Ammo


Ammunition is very important in Borderlands 3 as if you run out, your pretty much in for a rough time as you have to resort to another weapon or even melee.

Scavenging for ammo during a battle isn’t the best thing to do and to avoid problems with running out of ammo its best to restock before you go into a fight or head out for a mission.

10) Be Strategic With Fight For Your Life


It happens to all of us whether we get careless by rushing into enemies or get overwhelmed by stronger foes, we tend to run out of health and get downed.

During this time or even before it happens, you should quickly plan out what you’re going to do such as reposition yourself as well as pick an enemy to kill so you spring back for a second wind.

Being able to anticipate what will happen and plan carefully what your next move is can change the outcome of most situations.

11) Use Your Surroundings


Borderlands 3 is full of stuff that explode and using these to an advantage can help you easily take out enemies and even save your life.

Aiming for explosive barrels or objects that can be fired at that will cause a burst of a certain element in an area can be a very strategic way to fight.

12) Always Check Your Map


The areas that you explore and have missions in may are big and sometimes you might end up going the wrong direction trying to get to the marker.

Always check the map to make sure that you are heading the right way as this can save you a lot of time from going back.

Checking the map for stations that you need will also benefit you so you don’t have to fast travel all the way back to certain places.

13) Mind Your Crew Challenges


Crew Challenges are a great way to get some rewards and completing these are usually easier than anyone could expect and you may even complete some without intending to do so.

Don’t forget to equip weapons or do actions that will help complete crew challenges so you can reap extra rewards for little to no effort at all.

14) View The Lost Loot Machine


Whenever you miss loot and leave it behind, most of the time it’ll end up in the Lost Loot Machine where you can pick it up for free.

This is a great way to check for any valuable loot that you may not have noticed or had no more space to carry it.

15) Steal Enemy Vehicles


You’ll eventually end up using some vehicles and these can come pretty hand when travelling and fighting enemies out in the open.

The cool thing about the vehicles in Borderlands 3 is that they can be upgraded and one of the ways that you can upgrade them or to say, get the parts to modify them is to steal enemy vehicles.

Stealing an enemy vehicle that has modifications your vehicles doesn’t have and bringing it to the Catch-A-Ride for scanning will unlock parts for you to use.



Borderlands 3 is a fun game to play but can still prove challenging at times and if you are new to the game and even its previous titles then keeping these tips in mind can really change your experience.

Remember to keep the tips in mind so you can avoid having trouble later on and continue enjoying the game continuously without getting stuck for the simplest of reasons.

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