Amara, The Siren Guide: Skill Trees, Active Skills…

Borderlands 3 Amara

The Siren in Amara Borderlands 3 uses her mystical and ancient magic to fight off her enemies and bring devastation to all those who dare stop her from her treading her path.

She is capable of using different abilities which can be modified giving off different effects as well as spreading elemental damage with the ease of mere shots fired from weapons.

Active Skills

1) Phaseslam


Amara leaps into the air and slams to the ground within a few seconds, dealing damage in an area around where she lands.


The Siren will leap in an area where she is facing and slam down under her after charging up for a few seconds.

This can be used to move in on enemies or initiate a fight as the Siren gets to move up close to the enemy followed by the slam attack.

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2) Fracture


Replacing her slam attack, Fracture causes a wave of fists to emerge from the ground and damage enemies in a line going forward from where you are facing.


Enemies will be damaged and affected by any elemental augment that your skills are affected with, causing elemental damage and possibly applying status effects to the enemies.

Using this can be a great source of elemental damage which you can cast while you fight enemies for extra damage.

3) Downfall


Amara becomes airborne and fires a beam directly under her as she is momentarily above her enemies, continuously dealing damage below her.


The beam will shoot straight down and deal damage in an area below her, damaging multiple enemies with elemental damage and causing status effects.


After the quick duration of her firing her beam while in the air, the ability ends with Amara slamming down on the ground, dealing damage in the area around her.

Using this provides a good amount of damage over time followed by a good nuke attack which you can use before or after fights for a good amount of damage and application of status effects.

4) Phasecast


Amara charges a projectile which she fires forward, dealing damage to enemies that it comes in contact with.


The skill does not take long to cast and will be fired precisely towards the direction you are facing and in the spot where your crosshair is.


Enemies will take damage upon coming in contact with the projectile and will suffer from any elemental damage that is added to the skill.

This does well for initial damage and later on should be replaced by its other variations to be usable for high damage outputs or utility purposes.

4) Deliverance


An upgrade from Phasecast, upon hitting an enemy a projectile is released to deal damage to other nearby enemies.


The additional projectiles will home in on enemies that are closes the area of impact and deal damage related to the damage of the action skill.

This works in a way where the projectile creates a smaller projectile that will damage enemies that are nearby, good for taking care of those that survive the initial damage.

5) Reverberation


Reverberation causes the original Phasecast to gain an increase in damage when hitting enemies, resulting in more damage when more enemies are lined up.

Damage will begin at a steady amount and increase per enemy that is hit, dealing more damage to the target that is in the back or that will be last to get hit.


Probably one of the best variations of the skill since the damage capabilities go extremely high depending on how many enemies there are.

Usually when hitting 2 or 3 enemies can guarantee that the rest of the enemies will be destroyed when the projectile passes them.

6) Tandava


Removing the capability of the skill form piercing enemies, Tandava causes the projectile to explode on impacts right away.


A range of area of effect damage is dealt once the explosion occurs which may also have elemental properties based on the build.

Utilizing this skill allows you to control the ability and easily have it deal area damage the moment it impacts with an enemy, suitable for damaging multiple enemies at the same time.

7) Phasegrasp


Summons a giant hand to grab an enemy and hold on to them, making them vulnerable to being attacked and an easy target.

Enemies that are immune to being grasped will take damage instead.


Phasegrasp may be modified by other augments and their effects may be combined based on the user’s preference for additional effects.

This ability is mainly used to hold enemies in place in order to disable them and give you an advantage while they are immobile.

8) The Eternal Fist


A variation of the Phasegrasp ability, The Eternal Fist has the same effects, however when an enemy that is grasped is killed, another enemy will be grasped.

A bar that represents how long the skill will be in effect will determine if another enemy will be grasped.


As long as the skill is still active, killing any enemy will pass on the effects of the skill and cause another enemy to be grasped.

This can be a great skill to use if you are dealing with one enemy at a time as you can kill them easily with well-placed shots when they are disabled then move to the next grasped target.

9) Fist Over Matter


Another variation of the Phasegrasp skill which has the same effect of grasping and enemy however with the difference of giant fists being summoned nearby the target.

The large fists will attack the area where the target is, dealing damage in the area which can hit multiple enemies as well as the target.


Regardless if the target of the skill is killed, the fists will continuously attack the area for the duration of the skill.

Using this provides a large amount of area damage and can kill several enemies at a time, especially the target of the ability.

10) Ties That Bind


Being a variation of Phasegrasp, Ties That Bind has the same base effects however, nearby enemies will be linked to the target which causes them to share damage.


Damaging either of the enemies that are linked together will cause damage to be distributed amongst them, making killing them much easier.

This is useful for enemies that are close together and can be an advantage to take them all out with a few shots.

Action Skill Effect


Action skill effects work as modifiers for Amara’s skills which can change the effects that happen during or after the skill is used.

The following are the possible effects that can be added to her skills:

  • Revelation –Creates a nova which damages enemies in an area.
  • Glamour – Enemies affected become confused and attack each other.
  • Soul Sap – Steals a portion of damage and converts it to health.
  • Stillness Of Mind – Phaselock’s enemies that are damage, suspending them in the are making them unable to move.

Allure – Creates a singularity that pulls enemy to where the skill has taken effect.

Action Skill Element


An action skill element is available to be chosen from which allows the Siren to modify her skills with the following:

  • Shockra– Converts action skill damage to Shock Damage.
  • Blight Tiger – Converts action skill damage to Corrosive Damage.
  • Soulfire– Converts action skill damage to Incendiary Damage.

Skill Tree Passives



  • Root To Rise – Increases max health by (8/16/24/32/40) percent.
  • Personal Space– Bonus damage when shooting enemies based on distance with around (12/24/36) percent more damage at close range.
  • Clarity– Regenerates (1/2/3/4/5) percent of missing health per second based on how low health is, doubled when action skill is used.
  • Arms Deal– Increases splash damage by (4/8/12/16/20) percent and reduces splash damage taken by (12/21/28/35/40) percent.
  • Samsara – Gain stack of Samsara when an enemy is damaged by action skill, giving (1.7/3.3/5) percent gun damage and (1.7/3.3/5) percent of max health per second regeneration per stack, max stacks of 5.
  • Helping Hand(S) – Grants (12/21/28/35/40) damage reduction after using action skill for 15 seconds.
  • Mindfulness – Taking damage grants a stack of mindfulness, reducing shield regeneration delay by (9/17/23) percent and increasing movement speed by (1.4/2.8/4.2) percent for 5 seconds, max stacks of 25.
  • Find Your Center – Increases melee damage by 100% and when action skill is activated, increases melee range by 75% for 20 seconds.
  • Vigor – Team movement speed increases by (3.3/6.7/10) when an enemy is killed by action skill
  • One With Nature – Max health is increased by (5/10/15/20/25) percent while elemental damage reduction is increased by (12/21/28/35/40) percent.
  • Do Unto Others – Throws energy orb at attackers, cooldown of 8 seconds.
  • Jab Cross – Dealing melee damage grants (3/6/9/12/15) percent gun damage and (15/30/45/60/75) percent action skill damage for 10 seconds.
  • Guardian Angel – Immediately revives during fight for your life with 100% health and causes an action skill nova to occur.
  • Blitz – [MELEE OVERIDE] Allows Amara to dash to enemies to perform a special melee attack which deals elemental damage granting 100 percent more melee damage, cooldown is reset if enemy is killed.

Fist Of The Elements

  • Anima – Increases status effect damage by (4/8/12/16/20) percent and action skill status effect damage by (8/16/24/32/40) percent while the status duration increases by (20/40/60/80/100) percent.
  • Steady Hand(S) – Increases weapon handling by (14/24/32) percent and accuracy by (13/23/31) percent.
  • Infusion – Converts (8/16/24/32/40) percent damage dealt by weapons to action skill element.
  • Tempest – Increases elemental damage by (6/12/18/24/30) percent along with an additional (4/8/12/16/20) percent shock damage.
  • Illuminated Fist – Melee damage is increased by 75 percent and is converted to action skill element.
  • Wildfire – There is a (8/16/24/32/40) percent chance that status effects may be spread when applied to an enemy.
  • Dread – Increases gun damage by 15 percent when enemy is grasped and causes weapon to instantly reload when grasped enemy is killed.
  • Indiscriminate ­– Bullets have a (10/20/30) percent chance to ricochet which deal 50 percent less damage while having (20/40/60) percent chance and 25 percent less damage if enemy is affected by action skill.
  • Deep Well – Elemental weapons gain 20 percent additional magazine size.
  • Catharsis – Enemies inflicted with elemental effects will explode when killed dealing both the elemental damage of Amara as well as whichever elemental effect they are inflicted with. Deals additional (4/8/13) damage for 8 seconds.
  • Sustainment – Grants (4/8/12/16/20) percent lifesteal when using elemental damage weapons.
  • Conflux – Gain a (7/14/21/28/35) percent chance to randomly melt, electrocute or ignite an enemy when applying status effects.
  • Forceful Expression – Guns deal 18 percent bonus elemental damage based on action skill element. 

Mystical Assault

  • Do Harm –Killing an enemy grants a stack of rush which gives (0.9/1.8/2.7/3.6/4.5) percent additional action skill damage per stack, maximum of 10 stacks.
  • Fast Hand(S) – Increases reloads speed by (7/14/21) percent along with (16/28/38) percent weapon swap and mode switch speed.
  • Violent Tapestry – Applying status effects grants rush which can be consumed to temporarily increase status effect chance by (0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3) percent for 20 seconds.
  • Alacrity – Gains (0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2) percent reload speed per stack of rush which can be consumed to grant (0.6/1.2/1.8/2.3/2.9) percent for 8 seconds.
  • Transcend ­– Temporarily gain (17/29/38) percent accuracy and (9/18/27) percent damage for 12 seconds.
  • Restless ­– Increases cooldown rate of action skill by (5/10/15/20/25) percent.
  • Ascendant – Improves Action Skills: Soul Sap lifesteal gains 20 percent more, Allure Radius increases by 100 percent, Glamour duration by 50 percent and Stillness of Mind breaks 0.75 seconds after enemy is damaged and Revelation damage is increased by 25 percent.
  • From Rest – Fire rate is increased by (4/8/12) percent and charge time by (21/34/44) percent.
  • Laid Bare – Increases damage that enemies take for 8 seconds by (8.3/16.7/25) percent.
  • Wrath – Gun damage is increased by (6.7/13.3/20) percent and when action skill is used, another (6.7/13.3/20) percent is added for 8 seconds.
  • Remnant – Upon killing an enemy, Amara releases a homing projectile that seeks out enemies, dealing her action skill elemental damage beginning at (9/18/26) damage, overkill damage may be added.
  • Awakening – Rush effectiveness is increased by (10/20/30) percent.
  • Avatar – Allows Amara to use her action skill even if it’s on cooldown, this may be done once per successful cooldown and the maximum amount of rush stacks are increased by 10 as well as killing an enemy with an action skill will refund half of her rush stacks.



Amara is a very powerful Vault Hunter, capable of dealing large amounts of elemental damage and using her skills to create different advantages for her.

With her many possible builds for her skills, users can come up with different strategies making use of the different elements and effects that can be used to modifier her action skill.

She does well with close range and long range damage but with the bonuses of her skill tree she can do a great amount of damage near enemies and even can be viable for a high damage melee build.

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