Warframe Leveling Guide 2024 (Missions, Weapon, Amp & Archwing)

Warframe is a game that requires you to progress with the equipment you have, which is mainly done by leveling them as well as upgrading them with mods.

While mods are simply slotted into your equipment, leveling up is something that players need to do often, especially when they find a new Warframe or Weapon to use.

This leads to the need to have an efficient way of leveling up and luckily, there are many approaches to gaining Affinity, which is the same as experience.

Warframe Leveling

Rank and AffinityProgress & Rewards in Warframe

Instead of continuously gaining levels, your equipment will reach a new rank when you level up and the max rank that you can get is Rank 30.

Once you have reached the max rank, you will need to use Forma to change one of your mod slots’ Polarity, which resets its rank. (This allows you to save up on Mod Capacity)

Since shared Affinity is distributed amongst your equipment, having one that is Rank 30 will take up a part of this.

This makes it necessary to unequip equipment that you do not intend to level up, which will allow more Affinity to be distributed to the remaining ones.

Warframe LevelingFrame Leveling

In terms of how to level up Warframes fast, you will need to grind a bit more than how it would be with weapons as these take longer to reach Rank 30.

Defeating enemies using a Warframe will provide you with experience, regardless of whether it is a weapon or with abilities.

The fastest way to level up your Warframe is to kill enemies using your abilities since this will give 100% of the Affinity to your Warframe.

Killing enemies with your weapons will provide your Warframe with half of the Affinity while the rest goes to your weapon.

Another fast way to level up your Warframe is to play with a team as their kills will provide you with Affinity that is split between your Warframe and weapons.

Weapon Leveling

Leveling up your weapons is much easier than increasing your Warframe’s rank and this also provides your Warframe with Affinity as well.

Killing enemies with a weapon will focus the Affinity distributed mostly on the weapon that you use, with half of the Affinity going to your Warframe.

A good way to level up your weapons is to kill high-level enemies or stay in missions where your allies are clearing multiple enemies, such as the Sanctuary Onslaught.

Amp Leveling

Just like with weapons, when it comes to how to level up Amps, the same mechanics apply and affinity can be gained by killing enemies or being near a member that kills enemies.

Killing enemies with your Amp is the best way to level up Amps since the affinity will be split in half similar to how it is split between the Warframe and weapons as mentioned earlier.

The fastest way to level up Amps would be to stay in operator mode and kill as many enemies with your Amp as you can while other enemies are killed by allies.

Archwing Leveling

Similar to the Warframes and weapons, Archwings have the same mechanics where killing with a weapon will split affinity with Archwings and the weapon used.

Using Archwing abilities to kill will grant more Affinity to the Archwing, which provides you with the best gain available.

The best way to level an Archwing is to use its abilities, however using weapons will also grant affinity but this is split between the weapon and Archwing mostly.

In missions where your Archwing can be deployed by entering the water, any Affinity gained by players who are in or out of the water will provide you with Affinity.

Leveling Archwing Weapons

Similar to weapons, the Archwing weapons are leveled up using the same mechanics, where killing enemies with them provides you with Affinity.

Killing enemies with Archwing weapons will grant half affinity to the Archwing and the weapon used to do the killing.

Even if you are not in Archwing mode, you can still level up your Archguns by using an Archgun deployer. (This summons the Archgun anywhere)

If your Archgun is equipped (even without ammo) you may still gain Affinity if your allies are killing enemies.

Best Ways To Level Up

1) Hydron (Sedna)

Hydron is a mission on Sedna that players often grind due to the small map that it has as well as the high amount of Affinity enemies give.

This is best done with public matchmaking to allow you to join a group or others to join you, which spawns more enemies and provides more Affinity.

While Hydron is a mission that cannot be done early in the game, players may be brought here by their allies.

2) Power Leveling

When it comes to power leveling in Warframe you need to stick to public games when no buddies are available so more enemies will spawn in a mission you will farm affinity on.

Aiming to get as many kills as possible will help you with the distribution of affinity to whichever equipment you are leveling up.

Having a buddy to clear missions or enemies in missions with you can help you level up fast if you are unable to kill enemies on certain missions.

3) The Steel Path

The Steel Path was added to the game to provide players with a bigger challenge, which also provides additional rewards, including more Affinity.

Playing missions on The Steel Path difficulty will boost the level of your enemies, making it easy to get more Affinity.

Doing Hydron on The Steel Path difficulty can prove to be a challenge, but the Affinity gained can be a huge bonus to what you usually get.

Sanctuary Onslaught

Another great way to level up is the Sanctuary Onslaught which puts the players in a simulation made by Simaris as they fight enemies in zones that increase in difficulty.

Enemies will repeatedly spawn after being killed which means the faster you kill enemies, the more that spawn and the more experience you can farm.

Sanctuary Onslaughts will also reward you well and are considered another efficient way to farm affinity and level up fast.

For leveling up weapons and your Warframe you may proceed to the regular Sanctuary Onslaught, however for Elite you must have a level 30 Warframe.

Dark Sector Missions

Dark Sector missions give you an additional amount of experience for the level itself as well as a bonus for whatever weapon it has associated with it.

This can be seen when selecting the mission, you will be able to see the resource drop chance boost along with bonus Affinity depending on its modifiers.

These missions are great for farming during your earlier stages of the game and provide you with more rewards for defeating enemies.

Things To Remember When Leveling Up

If you intend to leech off of a squad and level up your weapons be sure to have at least one weapon or Warframe with abilities that can help the team.

Make sure to mod your weapons so you can help out with kills and your Warframe so you don’t die much and if it’s possible to use a Warframe that can buff the team, that would be great.

Watch your team’s back, don’t forget to join in on the fight, and avoid being AFK as you won’t get affinity and this will make things take longer.

Use the weapons and Warframe you have equipped to give them affinity as those are what you’re planning to level up so you better use them to maximize affinity gain with the said equipment.

Be polite, no one is obligated to carry you, to boost you, or to baby you in-game and if someone does help you out, then try to say thank you.

Sanctuary Onslaughts have random maps every week so be sure to be prepared for anything.

As usual, bringing a team with you is best, or going for a public game so you have a squad to fight alongside.

The same goes with what we discussed about Hydron, make sure you have a weapon or Warframe that can help and act like a team.

Depending on how many enemies you all kill and how far you reach in the Sanctuary Onslaught, your rewards and affinity will be different and based on those terms.

Endless Fissures

Endless Fissures are a great way to level up as these allow you to get rewards and open relics while you gain Affinity.

The longer you last in an endless mission, the more bonuses you get since there will often be boosters for the remainder of the mission.

These boosters can stack and will be more efficient as you continue playing the endless missions long enough.

Free boosts in the mission will consist of Affinity, Credits, Resources, and Drop Rate boosts, in that specific order.

Solo Leveling

Trying solo missions for leveling up is not a great idea because fewer enemies will be present on the map and this means less affinity for you to gain.

There are still a few ways to level up when you’re alone, however, you might require a bit of skill and time before mastering the techniques to do so.

Stealth Kills

In missions such as Exterminate, killing enemies while undetected will grant a bonus to the amount of affinity you gain.

A buff is applied once you begin killing enemies while remaining hidden and not alerting others of your presence.

The buff will increase enemies by 100% each time with a maximum of 500% which will greatly increase affinity.

Killing an enemy that has detected you or that has been alarmed by the death of another enemy will break the chain and remove the buff.

Certain Warframes can stay invisible such as Loki, Ivara and more can be used for stealth kills as they can easily avoid detection.

Warframes such as Ivara and Equinox can disable enemies with their skills, which makes them susceptible to Stealth Kills.

This may be used to level up weapons and some Warframes quickly if you can manage to stay undetected.

Affinity Boosters

Purchasing Affinity Boosters is a great way to increase the amount of Affinity that you get to rank up faster.

All sources of Affinity will be doubled when you have an active Affinity Booster, which includes shared Affinity from other players.

These can be purchased from the Market aboard your orbiter and will cost the following:

  • 3 Day Affinity Booster (40 Platinum)
  • 7 Day Affinity Booster (80 Platinum)
  • 30 Day Affinity Booster (200 Platinum)


To progress in Warframe, you will need to have better equipment that has been upgraded with mods and this requires that you use Forma on them.

Only by using Forma will you be able to save up on Mod Capacity as the Polarities that you change on the Mod Slots will reduce the usage by half.

Warframes, weapons, companions, and more can all be leveled at the same time but in other cases, you can always unequip everything else to focus Affinity on certain equipment.

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