Top Warframe Archwing List in 2023

Archwings are an amazing feature that is in Warframe due to the mobility you get when it comes to open world areas such as the Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon.

These allow flight in the open worlds and provide not only convenience but fun to the players as well.

There are some missions that require the use of an Archwing and sometimes they may be hard and require a strong Archwing to use.

Depending on what kind of playstyle someone has, choosing the right Archwing can guarantee a faster and most likely successful mission.

Here are some of the best and most useful Archwings in Warframe:

1) Itzal


The Itzal is a stealth, support and tactical Warframe, capable of concealing the location of its owner and allies, using its technology for to teleport long distances, pulling in enemies to kill along with items that may be scattered and releasing its drones to attack nearby enemies.

This Archwing is not only one of the best Archwings but it proves to be the most useful for several reasons such as its ability to transport it user to very far distances, making travelling across open worlds such as Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis easy and less time consuming.


When its user wishes to do so, the Archwing is capable of completely rendering itself and its allies invisible, allowing them to continue attacking and cast abilities while remaining invisible. This comes in handy for avoiding enemy fire and remaining undetected.

One of its best abilities and the reason it becomes one of the best Archwings for farming is its Cosmic Crush ability which pulls enemies in as well as items around in the area. The distance can be greatly increased making it exceptional for farming.


Its Fighter Escort ability does a great deal for the owner as not only do they attack nearby enemies but they can also prevent damage due to the enemies focusing on the drones before the user. The drones are capable of taking down several enemies and have no need to be controlled or managed.

There are several tactics that can be used for the Itzal such as remaining invisible and teleporting around the area while having Fighter Escort active to take enemies down or repeatedly using the Cosmic Crush ability to quickly kill enemies and pull loot, maximizing the farming experience with this Archwing.

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2) Elytron


The Elytron is an offensive Warframe that focuses on “nuking” enemies, meaning that it deals high amounts of damage and focuses mainly on doing that more than anything else.

The Elytron is capable of utilizing several abilities that can deal large a mounts of damage to the enemies which work good by spamming or combining, depending on the preference of the user.


The Elytron is capable of firing extremely deadly sticky grenade-like objects which travel quickly and can be detonated anytime making it a very controllable ability which can be strategically used when taking out incoming enemies.

When under attack, the Elytron is capable of using its Core Vent ability which acts like a type of projectile jammer or flare-like purpose that causes enemy projectiles to not hit or completely explode before reaching the Elytron.


On will, the user of the Elytron may activate the Thumper ability which causes several explosions to occur around the Elytron which does great amounts of damage and can be used to clear a lot of enemies that may have gotten close to the Elytron.

The Elytrons last and very well-known ability is Warhead which basically has the Elytron unleash a missile that apparently seems to have the effects of a tactical nuke, destroying several enemies in an area if not only just damaging them.

3) Odonata Prime


The Odonata Prime is the first Prime Archwing in the game and focuses mainly on defensive abilities along with some crowd control.

With abilities that focus on more defense than offense, the Odonata Prime can do a great deal especially when the user prefers to use weapons instead of abilities when in Archwing mode.


With its Energy Shell ability, the Odonata Prime is capable of creating a shield that protects the user and when the Energy Field mod is equipped, it also gives nearby allies the shield as well making this a good idea for defense and support for the whole team.

Another defensive ability that the Odonata Prime is Disarray, this acts like the primitive flare releasing method which is used to disable projectiles and anything that could be on its way to deal damage to its user.


To give the Odonata Prime some offensive prowess to furthermore protect itself, Seeking Fire may be used to fire volleys of missiles that home in on enemies. Several missiles will be launch and this ability may be used to clear several enemies.

A special ability the Odonata Prime is repel, which can be used defensively and tactically by either pushing enemies away and stunning them for duration of time or pushing them back to give oneself space to charge in.

4) Amesha


The Amesha is a Archwing that mainly acts as a support Warframe which can help the team out with its unique abilities at the same time allowing the user to have some survivability due to its useful abilities.

This Archwing can send out drones to protect its user or an ally, create beacons to distract enemies or heal allies, creating fields that negate status effects that have negative effects on its allies and greatly improve the energy gain of its user and allies along with improving team abilities.


With the Watchful Swarm ability, the Amesha Archwing unleashes drones that orbit its user or an ally which block enemy fire or projectiles from hitting the protected unit.

Benevolent Decoy is the second ability of Amesha which sets down a beacon which forces enemies to engage and fire upon that location and at the same time, heals allies based on conversion from the damage absorbed by the beacon.


With the Warding Grace ability, Amesha removes any status effects that have negative effects from its user or allies while preventing further status effects from occurring, in addition enemies are slowed within the radius of the ability.

Amesha’s last ability causes damage to be converted into energy as well as granting its user and allies nearby a boost in ability strength, range and duration.

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5) Odonata


The Odonata is the very first Archwing that you supposedly should get via “The Archwing” quest.

This Archwing has lower stats than the Odonata Prime yet it retains all of the abilities and functions of the Odonata.


The Odonata has a less elegant appearance and appears plain and simple but due to the fact that the low stats are still useful and the abilities are the same, this makes a good starter Archwing for all players.


Even though the Odonata has a prime variant, many people would have the Odonata since the Odonata Prime still requires all the necessary parts to craft it.


There may not be a lot of Archwings yet but the list of available Archwings ensure that there will be at least one Archwing that players may prefer to use.

I for one prefer an Archwing that can help me accomplish the mission faster and choose between different Archwings depending on the team and mission.

Archwings are all useful and some may be situational but as long as the user is comfortable with the Archwing they are using, then that works.

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