Valheim: Boar Taming Guide

Valheim boar taming

There are many creatures in Valheim, and eventually, you will come across all of them, but one common creature you may find is the Boar.

Boars are common in Valheim and spawn in many areas, such as in the Meadows and the Black Forest biomes.

Not only do these creatures provide a good source of food and resources, but they can also be tamed to be used as livestock.

Taming Boars can be quite a challenge for new players, but the game mechanics for taming is easy once you get used to it.

What Can You Do with Boars?

By taming a Boar, you provide yourself with livestock that you can use later on in Valheim, providing you with Raw Meat and Leather Scraps when you farm them.

Boars will breed when there are two or more of them present, and an unlimited supply of boars is just what you need to keep a good supply of food.

Not only will you have a good source of food, but you will also be able to farm Leather Scraps along with the Raw Meat that Boars drop.

How to Tame Boars in Valheim?

To tame a Boar, you will first need to find one and bring it to a spot where you can tame it, such as a Boar Trap or Boar Taming Pen.

You can tame a Boar in the location where they spawn, but this won’t be much of a help if it isn’t close to your base, and later on, you won’t be able to make the Boar follow you as it just wanders.

You should lure the Boar into a trap so it cannot escape, and afterward, all you need to do is throw food into the trap, which it will then eat.

The Boar must not be aggressive for it to eat, and you can simply keep your distance, sneak or cover part of the trap with a wall that you can hide behind.

Once the Boar does not sense you, it will start eating the food, and there will be an acclimatizing percentage which you can see by aiming at the Boar with your crosshair.

The acclimatization will eventually reach 100%, and you will get a notification that the Boar has been tamed if you are nearby.

A Boar won’t eat if you are nearby as it will become aggressive, which is shown when you read its text saying Boar frightened, so remember to hide and not interrupt the taming process.

How To Make a Boar Trap?

Boars do not do that much damage and can easily be held captive with a simple fence for you to tame them.

You may want to build your Boar Pen near your base so you can easily keep or bring them to where you plan on holding your tamed boars.

Once your trap is finished, you can lure the Boar into it and quickly seal off the trap so the Boar cannot escape.

Boar Food

Boars will eat most of the food that can be harvested from the land, such as Mushrooms, Berries, and even Carrots.

You can throw a stack of items, and the Boar will make it one at a time instead of consuming the whole item stack on the ground.

Leaving a large stack of food for Boars will allow them to breed often, allowing you to have several Boars later on.

The Following can be fed to Boars:

  • Mushrooms
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Turnips

Boar Spawn Location

Boars can usually be found in the Meadows or the Black Forest, and you can often come to such locations when you are looking for new ones to tame.

You can read Runestones located all around Valheim, and some of them have lore about Boars.

The Boar Runestone is a Boar respawn location, and you will often find Boars around the area where it is located.

Boar Drops

Depending on the Boar’s tier or level, it will drop more items, making it more efficient to breed and kill higher-level Boars for more items.

The following are dropped by Boars:


Level 1Level 2

Level 3

Raw Meat

1 (50%)2 (100%)4 (100%)
Leather Scraps1 (100%)2 (100%)

4 (100%)

Boar Trophy

1 (15%)1 (15%)

1 (15%)

Boar Level

Boars will have more health and deal more damage based on their level, which makes this suitable for their survivability, so enemies can’t kill them fast when you keep them inside a pen.

Boars with higher levels can be distinguished by having more extended or more tusks, making them appear fiercer and a darker color.


Level 1Level 2

Level 3

Boar Health

Boar Damage10 (Blunt)15 (Blunt)

20 (Blunt)

How to Breed Boars?

To breed Boars, you simply need to keep them close together, and making a pen for them is your best bet.

Boars will need to be happy, which can replace the hungry status once they have been given food, allowing them to breed.

After a pair of Boars have been fed, they will reproduce, spawning a Piggy that will have a level based on its parents’.

The larger the pen, the more breeding can occur as Boars will not reproduce if there is no more space.


It is easy to tame a boar, and all you need to is trap it before giving it food, as this will be beneficial later on in the game.

You can get an ample supply of Raw Meat and Leather Scraps with Boar farming, which can help you craft a lot of food later and supply you with Leather Scraps for item crafting.

It would be good to consider having a boar farm, especially high-level ones, to make things easier for you in Valheim.

There is no Boar follow command, and you will either have to push it towards your base or simply tame it nearby to avoid inconveniences.

Valheim currently does not have a Boar boss, and the Boar head trophy is merely for collecting as of now.

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