Valheim: Raw Meat Farming Guide

Valheim Raw Meat

Hunting provides you with the chance to gather delicious Raw Meat in Valheim, mainly by hunting the wildlife all around you.

Raw Meat is one of the main ingredients for different kinds of food in Valheim, and if you have gotten used to the food buff system already, you’ll know that you need a lot of food to survive.

Luckily, Raw Meat is easy to get, and you can farm it efficiently so that you can craft the better Raw Meat recipe items later on in the game as you progress.

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How to Farm Raw Meat?

Hunting Boars

Hunting Boars is one of the easiest ways to get Raw Meat because these animals do not run away and instead attack you.

Most players will find that Boars are easily killed, but you may experience a bit of difficulty killing them if you have just started out.

You can quickly kill a boar with a sneak attack using a bow, shooting it from a distance to damage more.

If you attempt to engage a Boar at melee range, it will attempt to ram into you, and you should be able to dodge it but watch out for multiple Boars in a single area.

Boars are often found in the Meadows biome.

Hunting Deer

Deer can be pretty frustrating for some players, especially if you do not use a bow to hunt them since they run fast.

Attempting to attack a Deer at melee range may most likely result in it escaping unless you get the drop on it or use a knife since you can attack while moving.

When taking out a Deer, your best bet will be shooting it with a bow from afar, making it possible to kill it with a single arrow.

Deer are often spotted in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes.

Hunting Wolves

Wolves may provide you with Meat when killed but are not the easiest of creatures to find as you will have to travel to the Mountains biome.

It may be a little harder for most players since Wolves are fast and deal a lot of damage which can turn you, the hunter, into prey.

Breeding Livestock

An easy way to farm Raw Meat is to tame animals to use as livestock, such as Wolves and Boars, as they can breed limitlessly.

You may only breed Boars and Wolves as of right now, and this can be done by keeping them in a pen or secure area and dropping their desired food.

If your Boars or Wolves have eaten, they will display the happy status and mate when near one another to create a baby variant.

This will allow you to have an unlimited supply of Meat which is even better with enemies that are level 2 or 3. 

Raw Meat Uses

There are multiple Raw Mead recipe items available, and aside from the ordinary Cooked Meat, the food items available later provide significant benefits to players.


  • Cooked Meat (Cooking Station)
  • Sausages (Cauldron)
  • Turnip Stew (Turnip Stew)

Cooked Meat will provide players with 40 health and 30 stamina along with 2 health regeneration per tick over 1200 seconds.

Sausages provide your character with 60 health and 40 stamina along with 3 health regeneration per tick over 1600 seconds.

Turnip Stew buffs your character with 50 health and stamina along with 2 health per tick over a duration of 1600 seconds.

Raw Meat can also be used to tame and feed Wolves for breeding.

Wolf Taming and Breeding

Raw Meat is one of the foods that Wolves will eat when they are being tamed (the other being Sausages), and you will need a good amount if you want to tame and breed them.

Once a Wolf has been tamed, it will often display the hungry status, which requires you to toss Meat nearby for them to eat.

If a Wolf has been fed, it will be able to mate with another fed Wolf and produce a Wolf Cub that grows into a fully grown Wolf later on. 

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Best Ways to Farm Raw Meat in Valheim

Farming Livestock

Farming livestock is the best way to generate a lot of Raw Meat, and this is more effective if you have level 2 or level 3 Boars or Wolves.

Since Boars are easier to tame, this has made them the best choice for players for Raw Meat farming, while others prefer Wolves due to their combat capabilities and multiple resources.

The bigger the pen you have for your tamed creatures, the more they will be able to breed, providing you with an endless supply of Meat.

Hunting Routine

You can stick to a hunting routine that can either go to specific spots on your map or do entire runs around it.

You can start with one spot and make your way around, killing any animals nearby in the process for a good amount of Meat when you return.

Some areas will have Runestones that you can mark to know where the common spawn locations are found.


Raw Meat is more useful than anyone would think, and this is because of the sustenance they provide your character with.

By eating the food items that you can craft later on, such as Sausages and Turnip Stew, you will be providing your character with a more significant health and stamina boost.

You will most likely be able to gain access to recipes such as Sausages and Turnip Stew once you progress into the swamp biome, as their resources can be farmed there.

It is best you only cook the amount of Cooked Meat you need and save the rest of your Raw Meat for later on.

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