Valheim: Mushroom Farming Guide

Valheim Mushroom

One of the most common items you find early in Valheim is Mushrooms and these serve as an earlier source of food buffs.

A Mushroom can be eaten to provide your character with a food buff that provides 15 health and 20 stamina along with 1 health per tick.

Later on, you will unlock Mushroom recipes that can benefit you greatly with better food buffs that provide more survivability.

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How to Farm Mushroom?

You can farm Mushrooms by foraging them from the Black Forest and some Meadows near the Black forest biomes.

Most Mushrooms will come in considerable amounts and will regrow after a while in the same location from being picked up.

While it is possible to use Mushrooms for food buffs, you can save them later on when cooking better foods.

Mushroom Respawn

Apparently, there is no way to plant Mushrooms as there are no Mushroom Seeds in Valheim which means you need to pick them up whenever you can.

It is possible that Mushroom Seeds will be implemented in the future, but there is no guarantee of this.

The best way for you to farm Mushrooms is to mark locations where a lot can be picked so you can return later on to pick them when they respawn.

Mushrooms respawn in 240 minutes after they have been picked up.

Mushroom Uses

Mushrooms can be used for cooking different food and be used to tame wild Boars for use later on if you want to breed and farm them for their resources.


  • Carrot soup
  • Serpent Stew

Carrot Soup is sometimes called Mushroom Soup due to its need for mushrooms which are easier to obtain than the Carrots also needed for the recipe.

Saving up on Mushrooms can come in handy later when you have farmed Serpent Meat for cooking Serpent Stew later on.

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Mushroom is a great early source for food when you are starting out and can be used to provide your character with a small boost in health and stamina.

Saving up on Mushrooms becomes quite handy later on after you have started farming Carrots so that you can craft Carrot Stew.

It is best to save your Mushrooms later on when you have better food to use for Serpent Stew.

You can zoom your camera out when wondering the Black Forest to spot Mushrooms, obviously shown by their red color easily.

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