Valheim: Blue Mushroom Farming Guide

Valheim Blue mushroom

Blue Mushrooms are currently an item that is not yet obtainable in the game but has been found to be one of the items in Valheim.

It appears to be similar to the Yellow Mushroom when it comes to the effects, which may indicate it is harder to get than other forageable food.

It could be that the Blue Mushrooms will be used later on in the Mistlands of the Deep North biomes due to their bluish glow. 

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How to Get Blue Mushroom?

Blue Mushrooms seemingly be an item you can pick up later on in its respective biome, but the only way to get Blue Mushroom is through console commands.

As there are more updates to come, we could be seeing the Blue Mushroom added to the list of items that can be farmed later on. 

Blue Mushroom Uses

The Blue Mushroom has no other use aside from being an edible item which grants 20 health, 20 stamina, and 1 in health regeneration.

This item can probably be used later on as an ingredient or crafting material in the future updates that are to come.

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It’s blue, shiny, and glowy, but sadly, we do not have this item in the game yet, and there is not much to say about it aside from its food buff.

The Blue Mushroom can be spawned using the command “spawn Mushroom Blue” and that is all that you can do as of now.

Hopefully, this item can be used for more food, potions, or even crafting some unique items in Valheim.

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