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One of the more late-game crops in Valheim is Flax, and this can only be found in the Plains biome and shares a similar spawn as Barley.

Flax is more of a mid to endgame resource that may have more uses in the future as it currently only has one purpose.

To farm Flax, you must first obtain a few of them you can cultivate later on when you need it in large amounts.

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Where to Get Flax?

Flax can be found in the Plains biome by checking in Fuling settlements and can sometimes be mistaken for Barley.

Barley and Flax have a slightly different appearance and will not be in the same cultivated spots within Fuling settlements.

To get Flax, head up to the cultivated spots where it is planted and pick them up to harvest them from the spot.

How To Farm Flax?

To farm Flax, you will need to get your hands on a few of them so that you can replant them to reproduce them.

Once you have gotten a few Flax crops, use a Cultivator to cultivate a spot of land and plant the Flax in that spot.

Flax should be fully grown within two to three days if planted with enough space to grow and produce two Flax for each crop you have planted.

It is better to continuously farm Flax until you have enough to use for production and save for replanting.

There is no Flax seed, and you will need to replant the same Flax that you have with your Cultivator to double it.

Flax can’t grow if you plant it in other biomes, which requires you to have a base or an outpost where you can safely plant and harvest them.

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Flax Respawn

Flax and Barley share the same traits when it comes to respawning, and they will both respawn within a few days as long as you keep your distance from Fuling settlements.

It is possible to farm more Flax now and then from Fuling settlements since the Flax growing time may take a while.

Flax Uses

Flax can be planted to double its amount, or it can be placed in a Spinning Wheel to create Linen Thread, which is used for Blackmetal items, padded armor, and more.


  • Linen Thread


While Flax has limited uses, for now, it may be possible that there will be other items craftable or more uses for Linen Thread.

Linen Thread is required for many late-game items, and Flax will be needed in significant amounts if you wish to craft and upgrade them.

Before crafting items with Linen Thread, you should be sure to save up on Flax and farm more so you can save an abundant amount to avoid running out.

Flax can easily be harvested with the special attack of the Atgeir if you prefer to collect them all with a single hit instead of picking them up one by one.

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