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Valheim Turnip

Turnips are one of the mid to late-game vegetables that you can grow and farm in Valheim, and these are pretty useful when it comes to a balance between stamina and health.

Farming this food item will allow you to provide you or your allies with the means to ensure better survivability.

It is also possible for you to tame and feed Boars with Turnips as a substitute for other food items that they eat.

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Where to Get Turnip Seeds?

You will only find the Turnip Seed location in the Swamp biome, and this is the only place you can harvest their seeds.

Once you get your first batch of Turnip Seeds from the Swamp biome, you can immediately start farming them to create countless Turnips and Turnip Seeds.

Some player tend to wonder where to find Turnip seeds as there will be time that they are hard to spot which makes them.

Picking Up Turnip Seeds

It may not be easy to spot a Turnip seed plant in Valheim as it is dark in the Swamp, but you will notice it by its yellowish color, and it does stand out in the Swamp biome.

Know as a Turnip seed flower (labeled as Turnip Seeds) when you pick them up, each time you grab them, they will drop in numbers of three.

It is best to use these to start your Turnip farming to create an endless supply of Turnips for your everyday needs.

Even though you can’t find Turnip Seeds in Valheim, you should continue searching in larger Swamp biomes.

Planting Seed-Turnip

After getting your Turnip Seeds from the Swamp, you should save them for Farming first as it will be much easier to reproduce them and cook some of them later.

With your Turnip Seeds, you can start planting and then wait for them to be fully grown, yielding you one Turnip per plant.

Once you harvest the Turnips that grow, begin planting Seed-turnip plants (as labeled ingame), which consume one Turnip but in return will end up with three seeds upon harvest.

This farming process will allow you to continuously create more and more seeds, multiplying your yield by three each time you plant a Seed-turnip plant.

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How To Farm Turnips?

Turnips are grown from Turnip Seeds, and once you get even just a single set of Turnip Seeds from one of the plants in the Swamp biome, you can begin reproduction of the food item.

Plant the Turnip Seeds in cultivated land (made by using the Cultivator on a spot of land) and wait for them to be fully grown.

Do not attempt to cook the Turnips that you harvest right away;instead, use them to create more Turnip Seeds via the Cultivator.

Once you have an abundant supply of Turnips and Turnip seeds, you can plant more Seed-turnip plants and cook the rest.

Turnip growth time usually ranges from 2 to 3 days, depending on the spacing and other conditions.

Turnip Uses

Turnips are mainly used for making Turnip Stew as this is the only recipe that needs them, which requires a Cauldron to make.

Regarding making Turnip Stew, you need Turnips and Raw Meat and can easily cook them in the Cauldron.

You may also feed Turnips to Boars to tame them or feed them after they have been tamed, allowing them to breed.


Turnips are excellent health and stamina sourceswhen used to make Turnip Stew, providing your character with both 50 health and stamina.

Boars may not eat everything you have, and if you have a good supply of Turnips, you can use some of these for Taming or keeping your Boars fed and happy.

Your character may not eat Turnips raw and will have to make Turnip Stew instead.

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