Valheim: Entrails Guide

Valheim Entrails

Entrails may be one of the most disgusting things you can find in Valheim, and imagine how gross it would be to keep some in your inventory.

It gets weirder because Entrails are an ingredient for one mid to late-game food item, yuck!

Well, anything goes, and as a Viking in Valheim, you need to do whatever you can to survive, even if it means devouring the remains of your enemies.

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Where to Get Entrails?

Entrails drop from Draugr and Elite Draugr, enemies that can be found roaming in the Swamp and old Draugr Villages near the biome.

A Draugr will drop one Entrails when killed, while Elite Draugrs drop two when and with the edition of levels, this increases further.

These enemies are only found in the Swamp biome but sometimes wander off into parts near it, so be careful when you make your approach.

How To Farm Entrails?

While you can find plenty of Draugr to farm in Valheim when venturing off into the Swamp biome, there are better ways to farm Entrails efficiently.

Camping Body Piles

Body Piles can be found in certain parts of the Swamp biome, and these will continuously spawn Draugr or Elite Draugr periodically.

You can stay near them and camp as they spawn and kill them one by one, but you should be prepared as there is a small amount of time before the next one respawns.

Sometimes you can find two Body Piles near each other, making it easy to farm Entrails from the enemies that spawn.

Be careful when fighting the Draugr near Body Piles because they will stop spawning if you destroy them.

Swamp Outpost

You can set up a small outpost or even a base inside or near the Swamp for a good Entrails farm location that you can return to.

It is better to build your outpost with minimal distance from the Swamp to prevent the sky from turning darker, allowing you to have better vision.

Draugr will wander nearby from time to time, and you can even lure them to your outpost to get better shots at them or to farm them close to your outpost.

Setting up Sharp Stakes around your outpost or in strategic places will be able to slow down approaching enemies and even kill them.

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How To Kill Draugr’s Easily?

Draugr are weak against Silver as this does Spirit Damage to them, causing the undead to receive additional damage and burn with a blueish flame over time.

Using a shield to parry Draugr attacks will open them to taking twice as much damage, allowing you to kill easily.

It is best to keep your distance from multiple Draugr, especially the elite ones, as they can easily overwhelm players with their damage and knockback.

Entrails Uses

There is currently only one Entrails recipe: Sausages, which is a bit disgusting, but the food buff is good enough to make you forget about the ingredient used.

Sausages are a huge upgrade from the basic Cooked Meat and Grilled Neck Tails as they provide you with a food buff that gives 60 health, 40 stamina, and 3 health per tick for 1600 seconds.

Sausages can be cooked in a Cauldron, and you will require 2x Entrails, 1x Raw Meat, and 4 Thistle per craft, which makes 4x Sausages.


Entrails are not that hard to farm, and you can easily get a lot if you have an outpost inside or near the Swamp biome.

Sausages are a great source for bonus health and stamina and can be essential in your survival during the mid to late game in Valheim.

You can easily farm the ingredients for Sausages in the Black Forest (Thistle and Raw Meat), and along with Entrail farming, it can be considered one of the easiest foods to make.

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