Valheim: Ooze Farming Guide

Valheim Ooze

Ooze is a stranger type of resource that you can find in Valheim, and its properties, while disgusting, prove quite useful ingame.

You will be able to begin collecting Ooze once you progress towards the Swamp biome, and afterward, you will be able to craft more items.

This resource can be quite useful when you want to deal poison damage to your enemies, but first, you need to farm a fair amount if you want to make preparations.

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How to Farm Ooze?

There are two enemies in the Valheim who can drop Ooze when slain, and these are the Blob and Oozer.

Killing Blobs

Blobs are green living slimes that attempt to jump or slowly move towards you to attack you or spread poison in an area around them.

You can easily take out these enemies from afar with your bow and arrow or carefully take them out with blunt weapons.

Be careful as the poison emitted from slimes has a long duration of about 20 seconds, where you will continuously damage.

Killing Oozers

Oozers are similar to Blobs and are considered the elite versions of them and have similar movements and attacks.

One thing that makes Oozers deadly is that upon death, they spawn 2 Blobs to take its place, which may attack you instantly once it is killed.

It is better to kill an Oozer from afar, but if you decide to attack it at melee range, you should be ready to dodge or move out of the way because the Blobs will try to poison you.

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Fighting Bonemass

If you have already defeated Bonemass, you will know that it often spawns Skeleton and Blob enemies to overwhelm you.

Fighting Bonemass can provide you with a lot of Ooze since there will be many Blobs in the area from time to time which you can farm.

Be careful when using this method to farm Ooze as Bonemass can be challenging for players who have not yet progressed to higher tiers.

Poison Damage

Most players will experience quick deaths because of the poison that Blobs and Oozers can inflict you with.

Using a Poison Resistance Mead will reduce the amount of poison damage your take, making it a right choice when you know you will be facing them. 

Ooze Uses

Currently, there are only two items you can craft with Ooze, which are both related to poison, which is evident as their source creatures use this element.


  • Poison Arrow


  • Ooze Bomb


Poison can deal a lot of damage, which is quite useful for reducing your enemies’ healing capabilities in Valheim.

This also comes in handy when fighting certain bosses such as Moder as it appears that it takes more damage from Poison Arrows rather than Fire Arrows.

Combining poison and fire attacks, such as Fire Arrows and Poison Arrows, will allow you to deal more damage per second.

Be careful when hunting for Blobs and Oozers as there will be Skeleton and Draugr enemies lurking about, which can interrupt or kill you as you farm.

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