Valheim: How to Farm Trees

Valheim Wood Farming

Wood is one of the most important materials in Valheim but you can’t farm it efficiently at the beginning given that you have limited tools to work with.

In order to farm wood, you will have to find the means to first craft tools to cut down trees and eventually progress to better ones to do this faster.

You will need a lot of wood to use for crafting your initial base or home as well as the Workbench which most of your basic crafting will be done.

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How to Farm Wood?VALWFG007-2

Before you can farm wood, you will need to have at least a Stone Axe which can later be replaced with a Flint Axe, and so on.

The better the axe, the faster you can farm wood and you will first need to start with gathering the resources to craft your Stone Axe before anything else.

Picking Up Branches

In Valheim you will find yourself without any items when you first start out and your priority will be to gather the basic resources.

You can begin by picking up branches that are found all over the land as an early source of wood and later on get stone to craft your Stone Axe.

It is easy to collect wood branches as long as you explore and these do respawn from time to time but eventually, you won’t need to pick up branches once you have an axe to chop down trees.

Chopping Trees

Once you have gathered a bit of wood and stone, you can craft your first axe, the Stone Axe (5x Wood and 4x stone) which you will need to cut down trees.

When chopping down trees, you will start by cutting it into a log by taking a few swings at it which results in a large log falling but be careful as you can get damaged if the log falls on you.

Once you chop down the tree, you can continue hitting it with your axe to break it down into two logs which you will afterward be able to break into pieces of wood to pick up.

You can chop multiple trees so their logs fall in one spot so you can hit two or three at the same time to make farming wood faster.

Wood Cutting Skill

The more you hit trees with an axe, the more your Wood Cutting skill will increase, allowing you to deal more damage with every swing.

When your Wood Cutting skill has reached higher levels, it will be faster for you to chop down trees which will make it easy to farm wood.

You can level your Wood Cutting skill by simply chopping down and breaking several trees and after a while farming will be relatively easy. 

Planting Trees

As you chop down trees and destroy their stumps, you will notice that they drop seeds that you can pick up.

You can, later on, plant these seeds so they grow into trees, making it unnecessary to go far from your base to gather wood.

By planting seeds, you can make trees grow in close proximity to each other and your base so that you can farm a lot of wood and bring it back to your base easily.

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In Valheim, you will need a lot of wood from time to time when it comes to building as well as crafting the things that you need.

You will also need a lot of wood when it comes to smelting because you need Coal which can be created by placing wood into a Charcoal Kiln.

The more wood you have in stock, the more prepared you will be when you progress further into the events of Valheim.

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