Valheim: How to Farm Copper

Valheim Copper Farming

Copper is one of the early metals that you can get in Valheim but you won’t be able to farm it unless you have a pickaxe.

To get a pickaxe, you first have to progress a bit into the game, which means dealing with the first boss Eikthyr.

Once you get your hands on some copper, you pretty much get to start your way into the bronze age of Valheim, unlocking a lot of new items to craft.

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How to Farm Copper?

When you have a pickaxe, you will be able to start farming Copper Ore which can be done at Copper Deposits.

Finding Copper Deposits

You can find Copper Deposits in the Black Forest but these can be tricky to spot for newer players and might take some time to get used to.

Start by heading into the Black Forest and search for large rocks that have shiny golden-brown cracks in them.

These marks indicate that the large rock has Copper Ore and is a Copper Vein that you can break with your pickaxe to yield Copper Ore.

Mining Copper Deposits

After finding a Copper Deposit, start mining it with your pickaxe, which you should have after defeating Eikthyr and crafting an Antler Pickaxe out of its Hard Antler drops.

As you mine the Copper node, stone, and Copper Ore will fall and you should look out for them if they begin to roll off from where you are standing.

Be sure to check your weight as Copper Ore can be heavy and carrying just a few can encumber you, making you not notice that some have fallen on the ground and rolled away.

Pickaxe Skill

The more you mine with your pickaxe, the higher your Pickaxe Skill will be, making it easier to deal damage with your pickaxe.

As you continue to mine ore or dig through the ground, the level will increase and once you reach higher levels, it should only take a few hits with a pickaxe to destroy different kinds of objects with it.

You can dig around the Copper Deposit to check how deep the deposit goes, which will also help in leveling your Pickaxe Skill. 

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Best Way to Farm Copper Ore

The easiest way to farm Copper Ore is to use a better pickaxe but if you start with the Antler Pickaxe you may need to take some time to farm Copper Ore to turn into Copper ingots to craft a better pickaxe.

You should focus on farming the whole deposit to get the best amount of Copper Ore because there is no Copper respawn and you may later have to expand or farm ore on another map.

To be efficient and to level up your pickaxe skill, you could dig around the whole deposit to uncover the whole Ore node and later mine it.

It is possible to dig around the whole Copper Vein and eventually cause it to crumble by digging under and mining it to make the Copper Ore fall.


It takes time to farm Copper Ore when you first start but you can easily create a new pickaxe by farming Copper and Tin to create Bronze ingots and later on, a Bronze Pickaxe.

It is essential that you start mining right away and upgrade your gear to suit the bronze age in Valheim so that you can progress in the game and discover new metals later on.

Copper is meant to be farmed along with Tin to make Bronze items later on which is a huge upgrade from stone and flint items.

There are hardly any Copper tools and weapons such as having a Copper sword but you can start crafting better items once you combine Copper and Tin ingots into Bronze to craft Bronze items.

No Copper weapons currently exist aside from the Copper Knife, which can still be pretty handy during the early game as it is lightweight and a good weapon for beginners.

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