Valheim: Ymir Flesh Farming

Valheim Ymir Flesh

Ymir flesh, also known as Ymir meat by other players is a special resource in Valheim that cannot be obtained by killing a creature as of now.

You will need to have a good supply of Coins if you want to get Ymir Flesh because it is actually an item that you can buy.

This means you need a lot of Coins or items that can be sold to Haldor the Merchant in exchange for Coins.

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How To Get Ymir Flesh?

To get Ymir Flesh, you need to find Haldor the Merchant and purchase it, which provides you with one Ymir Flesh per purchase.

Ymir flesh cost is 120 Coins which can be quite costly for newer players but this is only needed later on when you will be crafting stronger weapons.

You can always return to Haldor to buy more Ymir Flesh as he will remain in the same spot in your World.

How To Farm Ymir Flesh?

Farming Ymir Flesh is basically you searching for Gold in dungeons, chests, and killing Trolls, Goblins, and other creatures that may drop Coins.

You can exchange Amber, Amber Pearl, Silver Necklaces, and Rubies for Coins by simply pressing the “Sell” icon at the bottom right of Haldor’s menu.

Basically, you go out, find coins or valuables to make the proper exchanges with Haldor, and simply buy as many Ymir Flesh that you need.

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Where To Find Merchant?

To figure out where to find Ymir flesh, you first need to find the Merchant Haldor who will usually be placed in a random but permanent location on your map.

You will eventually find the location of Haldor as you explore but doing a quick run around a few islands can easily help you find him.

If you are in a specific range (which is quite far) you will be able to spot the merchant icon on your map which appears to have the icon resembling a coin bag.

Ymir Flesh Uses

There is currently only 2 Ymir flesh crafting items that need Ymir Flesh and these are the two Ymir flesh hammer weapons.

You can craft the following with Ymir Flesh:

  • Iron Sledge (a strong iron sledgehammer that deals a lot of blunt damage)
  • Frostner (a magically imbued weapon that deals blunt, spirit, and frost damage)


The only Ymir flesh recipe items now are the Frostner and Iron Sledge but this may change later on with further updates.

With a Ymir Flesh weapon, you can deal a lot of damage and since they are hammer weapons, they do a good deal of damage against enemies who are weak against blunt damage.

You do not necessarily need a lot of Ymir Flesh when you first start out and by the time you have progressed to the point where you can craft weapons that need it.

You should already have a good amount of Coins to use as you progress through the game, providing you with enough to buy your needs from Haldor.

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