Valheim: The Elder Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating, Weakness, Drops…)

Valheim The Elder Boss Fight

The Elder is the second boss in Valheim and takes the presence of a large entity in the shape of a humanoid with bark-like flesh.

Defeating The Elder provides you with the means to progress further into the game, making your next adventure leading you towards the Swamp biome.

You can face The Elder once you have collected its summoning items and sacrificed them at its sacrificial altar labeled the ancient bowl.

The Elder Altar Location

The Elder Location for a boss fight is not known to you until you find it Vegvisir, which can be found in the Burial Grounds dungeons.

You may need to search for it in more than one dungeon as not all contain it, so finding it on your first try will mean you got lucky.

Once you find the Vegvisir, simply interact with it and the location of The Elder will be marked on your map.

How to Summon The Elder?

You can summon The Elder by heading towards its altar location marked on your map once you have interacted with its Vegvisir.

In order to summon The Elder, you will need to acquire 3 Ancient Seeds which will be used at the ancient bowl at its location.

The Elder sacrifice items, also known as The Elder offerings can be placed in the ancient bowl to summon it.

To place the Ancient Seeds, put them in one of your item slots and use them when you are facing the ancient bowl.

Defeating The Elder

The Elder can be quite challenging when fought solo as you may also encounter Greydwarfs nearby due to natural spawns or a nearby Greydwarf Nest.

Before starting the fight, it would be wise to check and clear out the area to make sure nothing interferes while you face The Elder.

Even at a safe distance, The Elder is capable of reaching you by extending its roots from its arms to deal with multiple instances of damage, but this can be avoided by hiding behind objects such as pillars.

Be sure to move often from one cover to another because The Elder may also spawn multiple roots from the ground that attack you if you are in the range of them.

When you are close to The Elder, it will attempt to stomp on the ground, dealing damage in an area around it.

The Elder Weakness

At this point in the game, you may already have been introduced to Fire Arrows and this makes for a good choice when it comes to ranged attacks.

The fire damage over time will prevent healing and help you sustain DPS against The Elder and you can easily take it out by keeping your distance and taking cover.

How to Get Ancient Seed?

Before summoning The Elder for a fight, you will need to obtain Ancient Seeds which can you can get by killing Greydwarfs or by destroying a Greydwarf Nest.

To find Greydwarf Nests, you will need to venture into the Black Forest where you will find a strange magical structure made from roots that emits a purple essence.

Destroy the Greydwarf Nest and you will be able to obtain an Ancient Seed from it but beware of the Greydwarfs that periodically spawn from it.

The Elder Drops

Once the Elder has been defeated, it will drop The Elder Trophy as well as two Swamp Keys which you may use later on to enter Sunken Crypts (Swamp dungeons) to farm Iron.

The Elder Trophy may be placed at the shrines where you first started out to unlock The Elder’s forsaken power.

The Elder Power

Once The Elder has been defeated, you can mount its trophy on its designated shrine and activate its Forsaken Power.

The Elder Forsaken Power allows you to deal more damage to trees when chopping them with an axe, making it easier to farm wood or destroy trees.


The Elder can be quite challenging if you are not prepared and based on the low armor rate of most of the starting items you have, it can deal a substantial amount of damage to you.

It is best to keep your distance from it and move out of the way when it spawns roots to attack you but be sure to take cover to avoid its longer-ranged attacks.

A good technique is to stay as far away as possible, kiting it while letting loose Fire Arrows until you empty out its health.

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