Valheim: Transfer Items Between Worlds Guide

Valheim transfer items between worlds

Sometimes hauling your stuff around Valheim can be pretty tedious, and often players wished there were other ways to transport things.

There are Carts and Boats, but eventually, the weight of items and the lack of space have made it hard for moving items.

This can also be very tedious when it comes to metal because you can’t transport it between Portals, making it necessary for you to haul items.

Doing this in a small group or solo can take up a lot of time, and to avoid this, you can resort to moving items between worlds instead.

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Easily Transfer Item Between Worlds

Moving items between worlds pretty much just take your items from one world and put them into your character.

You log out with your character and log in to the world where you want to bring the items, and it is as simple as that.

Here are the steps to moving your items between worlds in Valheim.

Create a Storage World

The first thing to do is create a world that you will use as a storage or holder for the items you want to transfer.

It is not necessary that you build a base or even include chests, but you can do this if you would like to because some players use this world as a storage world and a farming one.

Take Items Out of World

After creating your storage world, log out of it and head to your main world or a world from which you want to take items.

Grab the items that you want to transfer and put them in your character to bring them with you, and take note that even if you have reached the weight limit, you can still fill up your inventory.

Wherever you log out from a world, you will always log in in the sample place, making it a way for you to teleport around the map even with metal.

Stash Items in Storage World

Once you have logged out with your items, log into your storage world, and you will now have all the items you wanted to transfer.

This works well with metals because it would be a pain to have to haul your resources with you, and this acts as a kind of better Portal for item transfers.

Relocate on Main World

Once you have stashed your resources in your storage world, log your character out of it and log back into your main world.

At this point, your character will now be free of load, and your items are in your storage world, allowing you to move freely or use a teleporter to get back.

Since you will always login to the same place you logged out, leave your character at your main base or where you would like to bring your items and log out.

Grab Items from Storage World

Now that your character is positioned in the main world, it’s time to go to the storage world and grab those items.

Once you grab all of the items, head back to your main world, and you will be in the exact same spot you logged out.

Your inventory will contain all the items you will have brought with you, including metals and other valuable items. 

Using a Farm World

If you want a peaceful world and still want to go out and farm a lot, you could make a farming world and keep your main world untarnished.

This world can be the world where you do all the tree chopping, extensive mining, and other actions that can sometimes destroy a map.

Once you farm resources from the farm world, you can easily take them back to your main world for progression.


While this may seem like a cheesy way to get your items around, it can really save you a lot of time and avoid many hassles ingame.

Most players tend to do this when they all come together on a public server and bring the materials and other spoils back for their personal gain.

Others would create farm worlds and farm resources there before bringing it back to their base with their friends.

However, you choose to use this method, keep in mind that you can freely bring any item, but you cannot transfer tamed animals.

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