Valheim: Planting Seeds Guide

Valheim Planting Seeds

Cultivation plays a big part in almost any survival game, and with Valheim, there are certain benefits you can gain by farming.

Most crops can be used for food and other consumables that you need to survive against the harsh odds you face in Valheim.

There are currently only a few seeds that you can plant, including vegetables, plants, and tree seeds.

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When Can You Start Farming?

Farming or planting seeds is relatively easy as you can do this once you have progressed past the first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr.

Defeating Eikthyr provides you with the Hard Antler material, which can be used to make a pickaxe, allowing you to farm Copper and Tin.

You will need Copper and Tin to craft Bronze which is used to make a Cultivator, a tool used for farming in Valheim.

You will, of course, need a Smelter to start melting down the metals that will be used to make a Cultivator with a Forge.

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Crafting a Cultivator

Perhaps you already have different types of seeds with you, and now you are wondering what you should do.

The first thing you will need is to craft a Cultivator made from Bronze (made from Copper and Tin in Forge).

A Cultivator is a tool in Valheim that allows you to do all kinds of actions concerning the ground, seeds, crops, and even trees.

Once you craft your Cultivator, you can “cultivate” spots on the ground, allowing you to plant seeds on it.

Planting Crop Seeds

Planting seeds is easy, and all you have to do is pick the seed that you want to plant and place it on cultivated land.

The seeds you plant should have a little bit of space from each other, or they will take longer to grow due to lack of space.

Planting a seed will consume it from your inventory, and some vegetables or crops can be replanted to increase in number or provide seeds.

The following is a seed list of what crops you can grow in Valheim:

  • Carrot (plant with Carrot Seed for 1 Carrot)
  • Seed-Carrot (Plant with Carrot for 3 Carrot Seeds)
  • Turnip (Plant with Turnip Seed for 1 Turnip)
  • Seed-Turnip (Plant with Turnip for 3 Turnip Seeds)
  • Barley (Plant with Barley to double its amount)
  • Flax (Plant with Flax to double its amount)

Seed Growth

Seeds will take some time to grow into plants, and this can take a couple of ingame days, making it necessary to go to other things or just sleep through the day.

You can mostly skip the day by sleeping when it is near nighttime, which can be a quick way to fast-forward the game.

There needs to be a sufficient amount of space between some crops, or the status will hint that the plant is unable to grow due to lack of space.

Even if there is not enough space for a plant to grow, as the other ones near it become fully grown, it eventually does too.

It just takes longer for plants to grow when they are planted tightly together, and as long as you are out doing other things, it is okay.

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Harvesting Crops

Once crops have been fully grown, you can harvest them by interacting with them to pick them, dropping them to the ground.

Harvested crops that have been dropped on the ground will go to your inventory if you are within range of them.

Instead of tapping the same button repeatedly to harvest crops, you can simply hold it while aiming at crops and walking by to easily pick them.

Planting Trees

Planting trees is also done with the Cultivator, but there is no need to plant them on cultivated soil, and you can simply plant them as long as you have the seeds.

There are different trees in Valheim, but not all of them drop seeds for replanting. The following are seeds you can plant for growing trees:

  • Beech Seeds (Beech Tree)
  • Fir Cone (Fir Tree)
  • Pine Cone (Pine Tree)

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Being able to grow your own crops puts you at a considerable advantage in Valheim as you do won’t have to rely on so much from then on.

Carrots and Turnips make excellent mid to late-game food ingredients and can easily be farmed to supply you with a vast amount of Carrot Soup or Turnip Stew.

This will allow you to save up on more expensive ingredients you need to use later on in the game.

It is expected that soon we will be seeing more growable crops in Valheim, which can happen in future updates.

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