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Valheim Trees Growing

Trees are essential in Valheim for being a source of Wood, but several are needed for the many items you craft and structures you build.

Knowing how to grow trees in Valheim will provide you with more benefits, such as keeping your area populated with trees or starting your very own tree farm.

To grow your own trees, you will need seeds and later on a Cultivator which you can use to plant the various tree seeds that you have.

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How To Get Tree Seeds

You can get tree seeds from cutting down some of the trees found in Valheim, but not all of them drop seeds.

There are currently only 3 trees right now that drop seeds, making the other ones scarce and require that you search outland to find more.

The trees that drop seeds are the following:

  • Beech Tree (Drops Beech Seed that is planted to make Beech Sapling)
  • Fir Tree (Drops Fir Cone that is planted to make Fir Sapling)
  • Pine Tree (Drops Pine Cone that is planted to make Pine Sapling)

The following trees do not drop seeds:

  • Ancient Tree
  • Birch Tree
  • Oak Tree

Types Of Trees

Beech Tree

Beech trees can be found in the Meadows biome and are cut down using any type of axe. There are smaller variants of the Beech tree that can be cut down with other melee weapons.

When cutting down a Beech tree, it is possible that it will drop Beech Seeds, Resin, and Feathers by chance.

The wood type dropped by Beech Trees is standard Wood.

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Birch Tree

Birch Trees are a sturdy light-colored tree which can be distinguished by its white color with black marks on the trunk.

You can often find many Birch Trees in the plains along with Oak Trees sometimes, but these can also be found in the Meadows at a low rate.

You will need to have a Bronze Axe or a stronger variant of axe to deal damage and cut down a Birch Tree.

Birch Tree will yield standard Wood and Fine Wood when dropped.

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Pine Tree

Pine Trees are different variants of trees found in the Black Forest biome and Fir Trees.

You can identify Pine Trees by their dark color along with their thick trunks that grow to extended heights.

These trees can be cut with any kind of axe and can come mainly as very tall trees that can easily be identified by their tall and thin shape.

Pine Trees yield standard Wood, Core Wood, and Pine Cones when destroyed.

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Fir Tree

Fir Trees are trees that can usually be found amongst biomes past the Meadows, such as the Black Forest, Mountains, and near the Swamp biome.

These trees come in different sizes that can be cut with any type of axe available, but the yield of woods depends on the size of the tree, being small or fully grown.

The Fir Tree drops standard Wood and Fir Cones.

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Oak Tree

Oak Trees are one of the largest trees that you can find in Valheim and are distinguished with their high level of texture and their wide round shape.

These trees can rarely be seen in the Meadows and are more likely to be found when exploring the Plains biome.

You will need to use a Bronze Axe or stronger variant of axe to deal damage to this type of tree and require more hits than others.

Oak Trees drop a more significant amount of standard Wood and Fine Wood.

Ancient Tree

Ancient trees are an older variant of tree that appears to be strong due to their age but primarily dead due to their presence in the Swamp biome.

These trees can be found in the Swamp biome and the Mistlands and can be chopped with any type of axe.

Ancient Trees will drop standard Wood and Ancient Bark when cut down.

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Planting Tree Seeds

Tree planting has a few requirements: to get the seeds you need to plant and craft a Cultivator that will allow you to plant them.

The tree growth time can take about 3 to 4 days and be skipped by sleeping throughout a few of these days.

Trees will grow from Saplings straight into their fully grown variants after time has passed.

Tree Stumps

In regards to the tree regrow mechanics, much has been observed yet, but at this point, it is better to plant tree seeds rather than wait for stumps to regrow back into trees.

Some have reported that trees have regrown, but it is much better if you set up a camp in the Plains biome for collected Fine Wood and another in the Black Forest for Core Wood.


Aside from the Tree of Life that you see in the sky and the larger Ancient Trees, most trees are farmable, but only a few can be grown.

You should collect any seeds that you collect from trees and save them for later to start your very own tree farm.

Having an abundant supply of trees will provide you with unlimited Wood, which you will need plenty of throughout the game.

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