Valheim: Food Guide (How to Cook, Best Food Combinations…)

Valheim Food Guide

Food plays an essential role in Valheim as this allows players to last longer in fights and travel further with buff provided by what is eaten.

There are different kinds of food in Valheim that you can eat; some can be eaten fresh while others must be cooked.

Depending on what kind of food you eat, your player can receive a boost in health, stamina, and health regeneration for a specific duration.

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Valheim Food System

You will notice a food bar next to your health bar, which represents the food that you have eaten, affecting both the amount of health and stamina that you have

It is possible to have 3 active food buffs to affect your stats, and these will wear down eventually, shown by the food icons blinking.

Stats will remain while the food icons are blinking, but you can already eat food once again to gain buffs.

You can not have the same food buff from a specific type of food active more than once and will need to eat food combinations to make the most out of the food system.

Valheim Food List

This food chart will show you all of the food you can eat and the food recipes that can be cooked in Valheim.

Food Type



Health Regen







Queens jam3040210


Cooked Meat

Grilled Neck Tail3520220



Yellow Mushroom2020150


Blue Mushroom




Carrot Soup2060210



Cooked Fish4525220


Cooked Serpent Meat

Serpent Stew8080410


Turnip Stew

Cooked Lox Meat7040320


Blood Pudding



Fish wraps

Lox meat pie8080410


How to Cook in Valheim?

Aside from picking up food to be eaten, there are two ways in which you can prepare food for consumption.

These methods involve the Cooking Station, which can be crafted easily with wood, and later on with the Cauldron, which is crafted with Tin.

Cooking Station


The Cooking Station is an early way of cooking food or grilling it and is used mainly for different raw meat types.

You can place fresh meat or fish on the Cooking Station, and it will cook it over time based on the type of meat you put.

After your food has been cooked, it will make a sizzling sound, and you may pick the food off, which drops it on the ground.

If you fail to remove the food after it is cooked, it will eventually burn and turn to Coal and no longer be eaten.

To cook food on a Cooking Station, it needs to be placed above a fire source such as a Campfire or Hearth.


The Cauldron is a more mid to late-game food crafting station that allows you to make much different food with ingredients.

Food cooked in the Cauldron does not have any grill time and will be cooked within a few seconds, crafting the food item instantly.

You cannot cook the same food that you can make in the Cooking Station with the Cauldron, but you can use some cooked food for Cauldron recipes.

Just like the Cooking Station, you will need to place a Cauldron on top of a Campfire or Hearth to allow it to cook food.

Best Valheim Food Combinations

There are certain food combinations in Valheim that allow players to progress through the game efficiently.

Different combinations can focus on many things such as maximum health, maximum stamina, health regeneration, healing, and more.

Based on what a player’s playstyle or situation is in the game, a specific food combination is sometimes needed.

Below are some of the best food combinations you can use in Valheim:

Foraging Combination (Early Game)

  • Raspberries
  • Mushroom
  • Yellow Mushroom

This combination provides you with an easy minor boost in your health and stamina early in the game.

It is possible to replace one of the ingredients with meat to improve the stats gained from this combination.

Health: +45

Stamina: +60

Health Regen: +3

Meat and Mushrooms (Early Game)

  • Cooked Meat
  • Grilled Neck Tail
  • Yellow Mushroom

Different meat can provide a good boost in health and stamina, and along with Mushroom or Yellow Mushroom, players can maximize on food buffs.

It is better to use a Yellow Mushroom with this combination to balance both health and stamina.

  • Health: +95
  • Stamina: +70
  • Health Regen: +5

Medium Stamina (Mid Game)

  • Queens Jam
  • Cooked Meat
  • Carrot Soup

Players who prefer stamina over health can go for Queens jam along with Carrot Soup, which is easy to make due to Carrots’ easy farming.

This combination allows your player to use more stamina and stay active longer in combat or running around.

  • Health: +90
  • Stamina: +130
  • Health Regen: +6

Medium Health (Mid Game)

  • Sausages
  • Turnip Stew
  • Cooked Meat

Sausages are Quite easy to make, and Turnip Stew can easily be made with Mushrooms and Turnips that can easily be farmed.

This build gives your character a good amount of health, perfect for surviving poison in the Swamp biome.

  • Health: +150
  • Stamina: +120
  • Health Regen: +7

Sustainable Health (Mid to Late Game)

  • Sausages
  • Turnip Stew
  • Cooked Lox Meat

All of these ingredients can easily be farmed and prepared to help sustain a large amount of health for your character.

Lox Meat may be hard to obtain, but it comes in large numbers, making it worth farming and cooking.

  • Health: +180
  • Stamina: +130
  • Health Regen: +8

Maximum Stamina (Late Game)

  • Fish Wraps
  • Lox Meat Pie
  • Serpent Stew

This build provides a good amount of health and a tremendous amount of stamina, making it one of the best builds for players who need to keep doing actions.

  • Health: +220
  • Stamina: +250
  • Health Regen: +12

Maximum Health (Late Game)

  • Blood Pudding
  • Lox Meat Pie
  • Serpent Stew

These ingredients provide a huge boost in health and can last for a very long time, making your character ready to take on any enemy or boss.

  • Health: +250
  • Stamina: +210
  • Health Regen: +12

Taming Food

Some foods can be fed to wild creatures that you may find in Valheim to tame them, and these are different for each one.

Food for Boars

  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Raspberries
  • Turnips

Food for Wolves

  • Raw Fish
  • Raw Meat
  • Neck Tail
  • Sausages

Food For Lox

  • Barley
  • Cloudberries
  • Flax


Depending on the types of food you use, you can become more robust and capable of facing any enemy in Valheim.

Most players often die because they forget to eat food or if the food combinations they use are insufficient.

Based on your playstyle, you should determine if you need more health or stamina depending on your character’s actions.

It is good to keep in mind that players that focus on melee or frontal attacks stick with health builds while those who prefer a range or fast attacks and mobility stick with stamina builds.

Food combinations are your choice, and you can choose what best suits your playstyle but be sure to advance to better food, or else you may suffer from stronger enemies.

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