Valheim: Cooked Lox Meat Making Guide

Valheim Cooked Lox Meat

When it comes to nutrition, there is no mistaking that Lox Meat is one of the best sources and making Cooked Lox Meat provides you with a decent buff.

Cooked Lox Meat can be made easily as long as you can kill a Lox, and the meat they drop is in large quantities, providing you with an abundant supply of Lox Meat.

Since Lox do not breed at this current moment, you will have to resort to finding herds of them from time to time.

A piece of Cooked Lox Meat weighs 1.0 in your inventory and can be stacked up to 20 times, making it weigh 20 per slot taken up with a full stack.

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Cooked Lox Meat Effects

Cooked Lox Meat is more of a late-game item and provides a substantial amount of health to your character and provides decent stamina and health regeneration.

  • 70 Health
  • 40 Stamina
  • 3 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 2000 Seconds (33 Minutes)

Cooked Lox Meat Ingredients

To make Cooked Lox Meat, all you need is the Lox Meat that drops from Lox when killed, which can easily be obtained if you have decent gear.

It is a good idea to keep your distance from Lox when you plan to kill them for their resources, as they can be pretty dangerous.

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How To Prepare Cooked Lox Meat?

Once you have Lox Meat, you can cook it by placing them on a Cooking Station, and it will take about 61 seconds to complete.

When cooking multiple Lox Meat, it might be best to have more than one or two Cooking Stations as they can take up a bit of time.


Lox Meat is no doubt one of the best types of resources you can use for cooking other food, and alone it does a pretty good job in keeping your character healthy.

You can also save some of your Cooked Lox Meat later on when you want to craft Lox Meat Pie, which provides a better buff to your health and stamina.

As you progress towards the Plains in Valheim, Lox Meat will become more abundant, and you can later on farm the other ingredients needed to make Lox Meat Pie with it.

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