Valheim: Cooked Fish Making Guide

Valheim Cooked Fish

A simple food item from the sea is Cooked Fish, which is easy to make, especially when you have access to open water.

If your base is near the shore, you can get a good amount of Raw Fish and cook it later to give your character health and status buffs.

To make Cooked Fish, you should first go Fishing, which can be pretty challenging; luckily, you can check out our Valheim Fishing Guide.

Cooked Fish comes in stacks of 20 and weigh 1.0, making a whole stack weight up to a slightly heavy 20 in your inventory.

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Cooked Fish Effects

Cooked Fish may not be the best for late-game buffs, but it does work well when you’re in your early stages in Valheim as it provides a considerable amount of health and stamina and lasts long.

  • 45 Health
  • 25 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1200 Seconds (20 Minutes)

Cooked Fish Ingredients

To make Cooked Fish, all you need to do is get Raw Fish by Fishing, which can be done at almost any body of water.

It is much better to fish along the shore and cast your Fishing Rod up to 20 to 25 meters in length as this guarantees fish will bite.

Fishing can sometimes take a lot of your time, but it can be worth it later on as long as you save some fish for Fish Wraps for the late-game.

How to Prepare Cooked Fish?

With the Raw Fish that you have collected after Fishing, you can head over to your Cooking Station and interact with it to start cooking.

It will take about 25 seconds for the Cooked Fish to be finished, and this counts for each Fish you place, making them have different timers depending on when you started cooking them.


Most players do not have the means to make Cooked Fish early during the game until they get a Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait from the Merchant.

You can pick up Fish if you get close enough or end up on the shore, but this is less likely to happen.

Fishing is the best way for you to get Raw Fish, and it is better off than you save the Fish for later on when making Fish Wraps.

To know more about Fish Wraps, check out our guide on How To Make Fish Wraps in Valheim.

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