Valheim: Fishing Guide (How to Catch, Fishing Spots & Usages…)


You may notice that there are fish usually swimming around certain parts of the waters in Valheim and it appears that you can go fishing in the game.

Either you may have been wondering if you can catch fish or you may have found the Fishing Rod already in the game, fishing in Valheim may be a bit tricky for others.

Within a small amount of time, fishing can provide you with Raw Fish which you can, later on, cook and use for a food recipe, increasing your health, health regeneration, and stamina.

Where to Get Fishing Rod and Bait?

As of now, there is only one place to get the Fishing Rod and Bait that is used along with it is by purchasing them from Haldor, the merchant.

It may be a while before you find Haldor unless you delve into exploring but you should eventually find him when you are nearby as his icon will appear on your map.

The Fishing Rod can be purchased from the merchant for 350 Gold while the Bait costs 10 gold per 50 pieces.

How to Catch Fish in Valheim?VALFIG004-2

To catch fish in Valheim, you simply need to head to a body of water that allows you to catch fish but you can tell if fishing can be done if you see fish swimming around in the water.

Not all bodies of water will allow you to fish and it is best you resorted to large lakes or the ocean when attempting to catch fish.

Once you have found a good spot, cast your line (hold left mouse button to increase range) to about 18-25 meters away and wait for fish to take a bite on your bait.

You will notice when a fish takes a bite as there will be a splash and your bobble will go underwater and this is the precise moment you need to reel the fish in (hold the right mouse button).

After successfully timing reeling the fish in (you need to press right click as soon as there is a splash) a notification will say “Hooked” and you will need to reel the fish towards you.

Make sure that you have enough stamina as reeling the fish in will cause it to drain and once you lose all your stamina, the fish will escape.

Continue pulling the fish towards you and eventually if you have enough stamina, you will pull the fish out of the water and collect it.

Fishing Spots

There are a lot of places where you can fish but it’s best to focus on a large body of water such as a large lake or the side of your island, while also staying in safe areas such as the Meadows biome.

Later on, you can also resort to using a Raft, Karve, or Longboat for fishing as well but you can simply catch fish from your island.

One way to tell if a spot will guarantee that you can catch fish is if you frequently see fishes swimming around but remember that you need to cast your line far for a better chance, instead of trying to get the fish you see swimming near the shore.

Fish Usages

The main reason for fishing is that it provides you with Raw Fish that you may process into two different kinds of food, Cooked Fish or Fish Wraps.

Cooked Fish will provide you with 45 health and 25 stamina and will allow you to regenerate 2 health per tick.

Fish Wraps are more beneficial later on as they give you 90 stamina, 60 health, and a regeneration rate of 4 health per tick.


Most players have a hard time figuring out how to fish in Valheim after acquiring the Fishing Pole or Rod which mostly is because they try to catch fish near the shore.

What is best is that you cast your line further away and wait for the fish to bite before reeling them in, which usually can occur in a time of 30 seconds to up to a minute.

Stocking up on fish for later can be a great way to provide you with a good food supply and later on a stronger buff when it comes to improving stamina and a mild amount of health.

There has currently been no fishing skill found in the game but this may change after future updates occur.

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