Valheim: How To Increase Weight Limit


There are several resources that you may find in Valheim and a lot of them need to be farmed to progress in the game.

You will need to harvest crops, hunt animals, mine ore, and a lot more but sometimes the standard weight capacity is not enough for your player and you will need to figure a way to carry what you need.

Luckily, there is a way in Valheim which allows you to increase your weight by purchasing an item from the merchant.

Weight Capacity

Like in most survival games, the weight capacity in Valheim limits you to a specific amount of item slots as well as a weight limit.

The total amount of weight of the items in your inventory adds up to the amount of weight your character is currently carrying.

In Valheim, the fixed weight capacity is 300, and going above this will cause your character to be encumbered.

Encumbered DebuffVALHWL004-2

When the weight of your items exceeds your weight capacity you gain the Encumbered Debuff, which prevents you from being able to run.

You can still walk for a short amount of time-based on your stamina as the encumbrance will cause it to drain as you move.

When your stamina is drained and you are still encumbered, you will be unable to move unless you remove items to balance your weight.

How to Increase Weight Limit?

Currently, there is no certain way to permanently provide a weight increase in Valheim but an alternative solution to the weight problem would be to obtain an item called the Meginjord.

The Meginjord is a magical belt that takes up your belt accessory slot and increases your overall weight by 150 as long as it is equipped.

This will allow you to carry more resources and items to avoid getting encumbered often when farming, looting, and more.

How to Get Megingjord?VALHWL004-3

The Meginjord can only be purchased from Haldor, the merchant and you will need 950 coins to buy it from him.

You can get a good number of coins by first exploring dungeons such as the Burial Chambers that are found early on within the Black Forest and selling valuables such as Amber, Amber Pearl, and Ruby.

Once you have enough gold, you can buy the Meginjord from the merchant and equip it to increase your weight capacity.


The Meginjord is probably one of the must-haves that you should attempt to get as early as possible as this can change your experience when playing Valheim by increasing your weight to 450.

You will benefit a lot from this weight belt as you realize that you will be able to stay longer while adventuring and farming because you will need to run backless.

If you plan on farming a lot of ore for, later on, you should look into purchasing this to increase your weight so you can carry more.

Not only do you get to increase your weight limit, but you also get to show off your cool shiny magical belt as it appears on your character when equipped.

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