Valheim: Yagluth Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating…)

Valheim Yagluth Boss

Yagluth is the fifth boss that you face in Valheim as you progress who comes after Moder. The Yagluth fight occurs in the Plains biome.

You can start preparing for a fight with Yagluth as soon as you find the Plains biome and head to Fuling encampments to find Fuling Totems.

It is recommended that you fight Yagluth as a fifth boss after fighting the previous bosses to efficiently gear up the fight.

Yagluth may be more challenging than the other bosses but fighting Yagluth solo is possible and much easier when you are with a group.

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Yagluth Altar Location

While most Vegvisirs are found in dungeons or abandoned buildings, you can find Yagluth’s location runestone in an open field.

All you need to do is look for a burial tomb in the Plains that appears as a viking tomb surrounded by rocks forming a circle.

You will notice the Vegvisir as you pass by as it is sitting right next to the tomb in plain sight. After interacting with the Vegvisir, you will find the location for the Yagluth boss.

How to Summon Yagluth?

Yagluth can be summoned by collecting five Fuling Totems and bringing them to the Mystical Altar, which is revealed by the Yagluth Vegvisir, or by finding it randomly in the Plains biome.

The Mystical Altar can easily be distinguished by a circular altar in the center of large pillars that appear to be curving towards the center, looking like a giant hand.

Once you find the Mystical Altar, interact with the five slots to place the Fuling Totems, and you will then be able to activate the altar and summon Yagluth.

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How to Get Fuling Totems

Fuling Totems can be found in the Plains biome whenever you head to Fuling buildings or their larger settlements scattered around the area.

There will sometimes be no totems at a location, and it is required that you search other instances of the Plains biome.

You will need five totals altogether and should be careful of any enemies in the area as Fulings can be deadly.

Defeating Yagluth

It is almost impossible to not get burned by this boss as it will burn you if you get close enough and even attack it with melee weapons.

All of its abilities will cause burning, so the only way to avoid this would be to use a bow and keep your distance, which can take forever.

Yagluth’s fist will glow red as he slams the ground, causing meteors to fall from the sky, dealing damage upon impact and burning you over time.

Another attack that Yagluth does is his breath of fire which shoots a stream of fire in one direction that you can evade by sprinting.

You can avoid both of these attacks by running in the opposite direction, away from your last position.

When you get too close to Yagluth, he will raise his fist, which will glow with a blue aura and slam the ground creating a nova that damages you and sets you on fire.

This can easily be absorbed with high health and a Fire Resistance Barley Wine buff, or you could run away as he starts the attack.

Yagluth Weakness

Yagluth is undead and will take damage over time if Silver weapons are used against it, but to deal maximum damage, sticking to Blackmetal may deal more damage.

You can deal a good amount of damage with a Draugr Fang equipped with Frost Arrows, but these won’t do much when it comes to slowing down Yagluth.

You should stick with Silver weapons or Black Metal weapons to do the most damage and have at least a Wolf Armor Set or the Padded Armor Set equipped for better survivability.

Yagluth Tips

Yagluth is very slow, but its attacks can be pretty devastating, and all cause burn damage, making it essential to get resistance to it.

To gain fire resistance, you will need to make Fire Resistance Barley Wine to shrug off most of the fire damage dealt with you.

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Yagluth is large and has a hard time moving around the area, making it easy for you to outmaneuver it and take advantage of the area around you.

A good plan is to have Medium Healing Mead, Fire Resistance Barley Wine and max-leveled gear, and high health buff foods.

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It is either you put on a set of good gear and face Yagluth up close, or you keep your distance and take it out with Frost Arrows.

Yagluth Drops

After defeating Yagluth, it will drop the Yagluth Trophy and 3x Yagluth Thing, which currently has no use at the moment.

Yagluth Thing may be needed later on in future updates, but the Yagluth Trophy can be mountain on its respective altar at the starting point.

Yagluth Power

Yagluth’s Forsaken Power provides your character with resistance to the different types of magical (elemental) damage.

This reduces the amount of damage you take from fire, lightning, and frost attacks for 5 minutes and has a cooldown of 20 minutes.


Yagluth is one of the most challenging bosses to face because of its long-range attacks and deadly close-range burning capabilities.

It is pretty easy to outsmart this boss, though, as you can use the pillars to take cover from the meteors and use them to kite the Yagluth.

A ton of Frost Arrows and a Draugr Fang can be quite effective, but melee attacks can help take this boss out easily.

Preparation is the key to defeating Yagluth, and it is crucial you also be careful of your surroundings as there may be Fulings and Deathsquitos nearby.

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