Valheim: Moder Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating…)

Valheim Moder Boss

The fourth boss that you will come across in Valheim is called Moder, a large, powerful dragon with the ability to use frost against its victims.

This boss becomes available as soon as you get your hands on Dragon Eggs, which can be found in the Mountains biome.

Before facing Moder, you will need to make the necessary preparations before venturing into its biome.

This boss is usually fought after players have progressed from defeating Bonemass and have collected all the necessary gear from surviving the freezing cold Mountain biome and enemies within it.

In this Moder guide, you will find out how easy it is to defeat this boss and learn how to even beat Moder solo.

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Moder Altar Location

Unlike other Vegvisirs, the Moder location rune can be found mainly on the Mountains biome’s higher parts, mostly inside old buildings.

To find these buildings, you must search every corner of each of the Mountains biomes that you find in the game.

There may be multiple locations, but a good idea would be to start out with the nearest Mountains biomes, prioritizing the larger areas over smaller ones.

The Moder runestone is not confused with the Vegvisir, which has a smaller appearance than runestones.

How to Summon Moder?

To summon Moder, you will need to first find its Sacrificial Altar, where you will find 3 slots with similar shapes to Dragon Eggs.

You will need to find 3 Dragon Eggs and place one in each slot, but you do not need to keep them in your inventory slots,  as they will be taken from your inventory when you interact with each slot.

Once you have placed 3 Dragon Eggs and have filled up all the slots, you will be able to interact with the Sacrificial Altar and summon Moder.

Defeating Moder

You will need to first be able to withstand the freezing area in the Mountain biomes, which requires that you wear a Wolf Fur Cape, Lox Fur Cape or that you use Frost Resistance Mead.

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Moder has a large amount of health and will occasionally attempt to fly around and blast you with frost projectiles.

These projectiles that are let loose by Moder will turn into ice-like obstacles that may cause you to become stuck, making you a sitting duck unless you escape quickly.

When Moder lands, it will attempt to unleash a blast of ice forward, which you can easily dodge, block or absorb if you are well geared.

Moder becomes vulnerable when using its ability to spew out frost, and it also becomes easy to damage for a few seconds when it attempts to make melee attacks.

It is possible to block Moder’s melee attacks and even parry them, but these will not stagger the boss but allow you to avoid damage and save stamina.

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Moder Weakness

It is assumed that fire damage does well against Moder, but it seems that you can get a lot more damage by using Poison Arrows and even Frost Arrows.

Using your melee weapons is okay, but you should focus on using a shield to avoid taking damage from its powerful melee hits.

A good way to withstand damage from Moder is to use a Frost Resistance Mead and use Bonemass’s Forsaken Power.

Moder Tips

Moder will engage you from either the ground or the air, and it is essential that you have a bow and a good set of melee weapons, and a shield.

Whenever Moder begins to fly, you should start taking shots at it to deal damage until it lands again but be careful of its attacks.

If you are fighting Moder and it is in flight, be sure to save enough stamina to dodge and run around when it lands.

When on the ground, try to remain mobile while also blocking until you can get to Moder’s sides since its head has a large hitbox and can block you from going near it.

You will usually be able to deal damage once you get in between its neck and wings or simply move close to its wings and attack.

Moder is large and has a hard time moving around the area, making it easy for you to outmaneuver it and take advantage of the area around you.

How to Get Dragon Eggs?

Dragon Eggs can be found around the Mountain biomes, and these weigh a lot, with weight taking 200 per Dragon Egg.

You will need to carry each of the Dragon Eggs to the summoning location of Moder, but it would be better to just collect them and bring them there later on.

Either you pick them up and deliver them one by one (once you know the location) or store them all in one area for later on.

Moder Drops

After you fight Moder and slay it, it will drop 10x Dragon Tears and the Moder Trophy, which you can use to activate its Forsaken Power.

The Dragon Tears will allow you to progress further into another tier, allowing you to create the Artisan Table and other structures to process items from the Plains biome.

Moder will always drop 10x Dragon Tears, allowing several players to collect them for their own needs.

Moder Power

Moder’s power allows the wind to be in your favor whenever you are sailing for 5 minutes and has a cooldown of 20 minutes.

This is useful for getting around fast or when you need to outrun enemies at sea, mainly deadly Sea Serpents that give chase.


Moder can be pretty challenging if you go unprepared, and it is suggested that you first focus on getting a Wolf Armor Set for the extra defense and a Wolf Fur Cape or Lox Cape to survive the freezing cold.

While Frost Resistance Mead is an acceptable solution to the freezing effect, the timer does not help when exploring, and it is best and easier to just kill a few Wolves for their pelt to make a cape.

Using the Bonemass Forsaken Power will allow you to withstand more of the physical attacks that Moder does upfront, which is more dangerous than its cold damage.

If you are well equipped and have the proper food combinations, it will be easy for you to outsmart Moder and take it down with less hassle.

The Moder buff can be handy when you are sailing around and seek out more islands in Valheim.

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