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Valheim Potions

If you are wondering what kind of potions there are in Valheim, there are quite a few, but these are referred to as Mead or Barley Wine depending on the type of potion.

All potions require their base preparations before being processed into Mead or Barley Wine (potions), and these will need specific ingredients for each type.

Potions can be beneficial in Valheim, especially when it comes to surviving in specific biomes or fighting against the bosses in the game.

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What Is Mead and Barley Wine in Valheim?

Mead and Barley Wine are the kinds of potions that you can craft ingame, and these require a few steps before making.

You will need to find their ingredients to create their base item and, afterward, have it processed in a Fermenter.

These items provide your character with certain buffs that help them survive, such as regeneration and resistance bonuses against certain elements.

How To Make Potions In Valheim?

To make a potion in Valheim, you will need to first gather the required materials as all of them have specific ingredients that you need to craft their base item.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can cook the base item in a Cauldron which will be made in a few seconds.

When the base item is finished, you will need to bring it to the Fermenter and place it inside, which will begin the Mead or Barley Wine base item’s fermenting process.

After 2 ingame days, your potion will be finished and can be collected from the Fermenter.

List of Mead and Barley Wine In Valheim

The following are the Mead recipes and the Barley Wine recipes used for potions in Valheim.

When fermentation is complete, you will always receive whatever potion you have crafted in a specific amount of 6x per processing.

Fire Resistance Barley Wine

  • Resistant VS Fire (You take less damage from burning)
  • Made from Barley Wine Base: Fire Resistance (10x Barley + 10x Cloudberries)

This potion makes players take more minor damage for fire damage over time and is helpful, especially when fighting bosses such as the fifth boss in Valheim, Yagluth.

Frost Resistance

  • Resistant VS Cold (You are protected against the cold)
  • Made from Mead Base: Frost Resistance (10x Honey + 5x Thistle + 2x Bloodbag + 1 Greydwarf Eye)

To enter the Mountains biome, you will first need Frost Resistance Mead as this will allow you to survive the freezing cold atmosphere, allowing you to farm resources there.

Minor Healing

While this does not provide an extreme amount of health recovery, it does come in handy during the early game and would be a good emergency health option when fighting bosses.

Medium Healing

  • Health over time (75Health)
  • Made from Mead Base: Minor Stamina (10x Honey + 4x Bloodbag + 10x Raspberries + 1x Dandelion)

Being able to restore your health within seconds is quite essential, and if you are facing bosses or enemies that poison you, using this while under the effects of poison resistance can help you survive.

Poison Resistance

  • Very Resistant VS Poison (You take less damage from poison)
  • Made from Mead Base: Poison Resistance (10x Honey + 5x Thistle + 1x Neck Tail + 10x Coal)

This comes in handy when you are in the Swamp biome and face enemies that cause poison damage, such as Leeches, Blobs, and the third boss in Valheim, Bonemass.

Minor Stamina

  • Regenerate stamina fast (80 Stamina)
  • Made from Mead Base: Minor Stamina (10x Honey + 10x Raspberries + 10x Yellow Mushroom)

The more stamina your character has, the more actions you can do, and with a boost in stamina during emergencies, your character has a better chance at fighting or escaping.

Medium Stamina

  • Regenerate stamina fast (160 Stamina)
  • Made from Mead Base: Medium Stamina (10x Honey + 10x Cloudberries + 10x Yellow Mushroom)

Stamina is vital in Valheim, and if you run out during a fight or are being chased, there is a good chance you will be caught by the enemy, which is why you need stamina regeneration.

Tasty Mead

  • Lower health and stamina regeneration (-50% health and +300% stamina)
  • Made with Mead Base: Tasty (10x Honey + 10x Raspberry + 5x)

Sacrificing half of your health regeneration for a massive boost in stamina regeneration is quite the tradeoff, allowing your character to go full berserk when in a fight or run around longer.


Each of the potions in Valheim hasits benefits that can make life easier ingame, and these should not be taken likely as they add to survivability.

With the different elements present in the game, you will need certain potions to help you survive them.

The tradeoff of waiting for 2 ingame days for a set of potions makes it all worthwhile the while, and since most of the resources can easily be farmed, it would be good to keep a good stock on hand.

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