Valheim: Artisan Table Guide

Valheim Artisan Table

If you are wondering how to get Artisan Table in Valheim, there are a few steps that you will need to follow before you can do so.

The Artisan Table is a late-game crafting station that allows you to build advanced structures such as the Blast Furnace, Spinning Wheel and Windmill.

In order to build the Artisan Table, you will need to have defeated the fourth boss, Moder, and will need to collect its drops.

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How To Unlock Artisan Table?

The Artisan Table is mainly unlocked when you defeat Moder and pick up the loot that she drops, specifically the Dragon Tears.

Artisan Table will be unlocked in your building menu (accessible with a hammer) and will appear as soon as you have at least 1x Dragon Tear in your inventory.

It is possible that you may unlock the Artisan Table earlier in the game if a player who has a Dragon Tear passes one to you via dropping it and you picking it up.

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How To Build Artisan Table?

To build the Artisan Table, you will need to have 2x Dragon Tear and 10x Wood in your inventory, along with a hammer to build it from the crafting section.

It is best to build the Artisan Table indoors as it will need a roof above it to be accessed and keep it safe from enemies who may attack and destroy it.

Artisan Table Recipes

As of now, the Artisan Table does not have any items that you can craft within it, but it does appear to have a level, which may mean there may be things in future updates.

Although you cannot craft anything within the Artisan Table, you unlock the following:

These must be placed in certain proximity near the Artisan Table but do not necessarily need it to function.

The Spinning Wheel requires a roof to function, while the Blast Furnace and Windmill can be built outside and function without a roof above them.


Some players might be shocked to find the Artisan Table empty, but this is because there are more updates to come, and it may be possible that more will be added to it in the future..

The Artisan Table’s primary usage is to unlock and allow the late-game structures for processing materials to be built.

If you cannot access it, you may think that your Artisan Table is not working, but it must have a roof built above it to access it.

Once you have built an Artisan Table, you will start focusing on stronger items that you farm resources from within the Plains biome.

The items that you can make from the processing and crafting stations provided by the Artisan Table will help you prepare to face the Fulings and the fifth boss, Yagluth.

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