Valheim: Barley Flour Making Guide

Valheim Barley Flour

Barley Flour is a processed item that comes from Barley and is used in many food recipes in Valheim, beneficial to your health or stamina.

This ingredient comes in handy later when you need to craft better food items and be a big help when a large stock of them is created.

To make a lot of Barley Flour, you will need Barley which can be farmed in the Plains biome and later on cultivated land.

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What You Need to Make Barley Flour?

To make Barley Flour, you will first need to get Barley from the Plains biome or by farming Barley that you already have collected.

You will also need to build a Windmill unlocked after you have defeated the Moder (fourth boss) and have crafted the Artisan Table.

The requirement of defeating Moder makes Barley Flour quite the late or endgame food ingredient but pays off later when you have an abundant supply.

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Processing Barley Flour

A Windmill can have a capacity of 50 Barley placed inside it and will continue to process this until it reaches 20 Barley Flour.

Unless you empty the Windmill, the Barley Flour stack will be kept inside and only released once it reaches 20 stacks.

Leaving 50 Barley will result in the Windmill emptying two stacks of 20 Barley flour, and the remaining amount of 10 Barley will be released when finished.

To have Barley processed into Barley Flour, head to the rear side of the Windmill and interact with the input area to place Barley.

A good Barley Flour location for production would be in the Plains biome since you can farm Barley and continuously process it.

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Barley Flour Uses

Barley Flour is mainly used for cooking several late-game food items that provide significant boosts to a character’s health and stamina.


  • Blood Pudding (90 health and 50 stamina along with 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)
  • Bread (40 health and 70 stamina along with 2 health per tick for 1800 seconds)
  • Fish Wraps (60 health and 90 stamina along with 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)
  • Lox Meat Pie (80 health and stamina along with 4 health per tick for 2400 seconds)

Blood Pudding is excellent for players who prefer health over stamina and can be combined with other food items to provide even greater health and stamina buffs.

Fish Wraps and Bread focus on increasing a character’s stamina and providing decent health buffs to those who consume them.

Lox Meat Pie is one of the highest foods and stamina buff items, providing an equal and large amount of health and stamina to players.


Barley Flour is one of the more essential ingredients you can obtain later on when you progress in Valheim.

To take on stronger enemies, you should utilize Barley Flour in creating specific food items that can improve your survivability.

Players tend to farm this resource later on after defeating Moder, but it is possible to start farming them while still progressing and preparing for such a fight.

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