Valheim: Chain Farming Guide

Valheim Chain

One of the mid to late-tier resources you can find in Valheim is the Chain resource, which you might think can be crafted at first but isn’t.

You see, this item is only available as either loot from chests or a drop from enemies that you can mostly find in the Wamp biome.

Chain is used to craft certain items that allow you to progress further and upgrade your weapons for better survivability.

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How to Farm Chain?

Hunting Wraiths

You can get your hands on a Chain most of the time by hunting Wraiths in Valheim, and these enemies are present in the Swamp biome.

Wraiths can usually be seen floating around and wandering aimlessly until they find a victim to attack, which is quite dangerous if you are caught unaware.

You can attract a Wraith’s attention from afar by shooting it with an arrow, and it will start to float over towards you.

The Wraith will engage with melee attacks, so it’s best you take as many shots as you can from a distance and switch when it is nearby.

Looting Chests

You can find a Chain now and then by looting chests that you find in the Sunken Crypts, the dungeons in the swamp Biome.

Along with other resources such as Iron, Chains can be found in several chests, and multiple numbers of them can be obtained.

Not all chests you find in the Sunken Crypts will have Chain, and it is still advisable to take down any Wraiths you find while wandering the Swamp Biome.

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Wraith Hunting Tips

When hunting Wraiths, it’s a good idea to bring an excellent bow to shoot them from afar and use either Spirit Arrows or Flame Arrows.

Spirit Arrows will deal extra damage to the Wraith due to its Spirit Damage, while Fire Arrows will deal additional Fire Damage and deal damage over time.

Similar to Fire Damage, Spirit Damage can cause damage over time to undead enemies or enemies who are considered to be evil.

Combining both of these damage types will allow you to make use of the initial damage as well as damage over time when hunting Wraiths.

It’s a good idea to focus on dealing as much damage as you can from afar instead of just waiting around for a Wraith to approach you. 

Chain Uses

As of now, few items require Chain, but these are mostly good for the end game and may have more uses in future updates.

The Chain recipe list includes the following:


  • Black Metal Shield
  • Black Metal Tower Shield
  • Wolf Armor Chest

Crafting Upgrades

  • Forge Bellows


  • Hanging brazier


Chain is essential when you want to upgrade your Forge, allowing you to create Bellows which bring the Forge’s level up by one star.

You will be able to upgrade further your armor and weapons that are meant for later game tiers because of the Forge upgrade.

Players who aim to get Wolf Armor Chest and the Black Metal Shields will need Chain to craft these pieces.

The Hanging Brazier is one of the best light sources you can get in Valheim, and securing a few Chains for crafting them will be necessary later on.

To make a more successful Chaim farm session, it would be good to prepare the right food and use a good bow and Spirit Arrows or Flame Arrows.

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