Valheim: Needle Farming Guide

Valheim Needle

As you progress in Valheim, you will eventually come across more dangerous biomes, and these offer the chance to get better resources.

One of these resources is a material called Needle, a stinger that comes from the deadly Deathsquito, and this stinger can be used for crafting certain items.

When it comes to farming Needle, you will need to be careful and watch out for not only the Deathsquitos but also other enemies that may be present.

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How to Farm Needle?

Needle is a resource that you can only get from killing Deathsquitos, and you will need to kill one in order for it to drop its stinger.

An excellent way to fight these large dangerous insects is to either bring a shield with you to block or parry its attack and strike it quickly.

Blocking is fine, but your window of opportunity may be small as it will fly away after each attack before attacking again.

If you parry the Deathsquito, you get an efficient amount of time to deal the killing blow to it but make sure your timing is right.

To time your parry, remember that they hit from a Deathsquito is the exact time it comes into contact with you (similar to ramming), and you just need to block the moment it reaches you.

Deathsquitos are also easily killed from a distance, and you can kill them one shot with almost any type of arrow and a decent bow.

This enemy is considered to be a glass cannon because it has a small amount of health but deals a lot of damage, so time your attacks right, and you should not have any trouble.

Where To Farm Needle?

You can get Needle by killing Deathsquitos, who spawn only in the Plains biome, but it is possible for them to wander off to neighboring biomes.

Whenever you notice a Plains biome nearby, it is vital to keep a lookout for any Deathsquitos that may be flying around, as these can take you by surprise and even kill you at earlier stages in the game.

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Needle Uses

Judging by the insane amount of damage the Deathsquito does, you can expect its stinger to be quite useful for making weapons.

There are currently only a few things you can craft with it, however, and these may increase in the future as the game updates.


  • Needle Arrow


  • Porcupine


The Deathsquito may be quite a challenge to kill for those who are not used to such enemies but in the end, being able to farm Needle is a good way to prepare for more formidable enemies.

Needle Arrows are currently the highest non-elemental arrows that you can get in the game, and to top it off, they look really good when fired.

The Porcupine is one of the more unique weapons in the game and can only be crafted once you get your hands on a Needle.

Most of the items that you can craft from the Needle are all related to piercing damage, similar to that of the Deathsquito.

Be careful when you attempt to farm Needle because Deathsquitos can come in groups of 2 or 3, and making a bed or nearby outpost is suggested.

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