Valheim: Troll Hide Farming Guide

Valheim Troll Head

Nothing beats taking resources from a kill, especially when it is one as large as a Troll, and one of the more valuable drops they provide is Troll Hide.

You can use Troll Hide for weapon and armor crafting, but there are currently not many recipes for now, and this may change in the future.

In order to get Troll Hide, you will need to prepare yourself with one of the deadliest encounters, especially when you are new to the game.

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How to Farm Troll Hide?

Troll Hide basically drops from Trolls when you kill them, but this is no easy task for new players and those who are still in the earlier tiers.

These enemies do a considerable amount of damage and can even kill players with a couple of hits or send them flying with a single hit that can lead to falling damage.

It is best to take out trolls with a good bow and some Fire Arrows if you have the time to farm Feathers and Resin to make them.

Trolls can be stunned with a bow, especially when you do multiple headshots to them, but you can also use melee weapons, provided you can dodge or parry.

You can dodge the attacks of a Troll as long as you time it properly and parry their attacks with a good shield and proper timing.

Once a Troll is killed, it usually drops 5x Troll Hide (increases depending on the level of Troll) along with its other drops such as coins or even a Troll Trophy.

Where to Farm Troll Hide?

You can get Troll Hide mainly in the Black Forest as long as you come into contact with trolls or find chests that may have Troll Hide in them.

Aside from searching around in the Black Forest, you will find Troll Caves which you can enter, leading you to a single Troll who you can sneak up on and kill.

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Troll Hide Uses

Troll Hide is considered the perfect material for stealth, and this is used to create the Troll Leather Set (also known simply as Troll Set), which provides 25% increased stealth if you wear the whole set.

It is also used for crafting one weapon as of now but may, later on, be needed for future recipes.


  • Troll Hide Cape
  • Troll Leather Helmet
  • Troll Leather Pants
  • Troll Leather Tunic


  • Ancient Bark Spear


If you aim to get the Troll Leather Set for its stealth and early game defense, hunting trolls can be quite the challenge.

These enemies can easily be defeated as long as you use ranged weapons and avoid their attacks since they are very slow.

Getting caught by a tree or getting stuck between rocks will ensure your death, so always lookout when you are kiting Trolls.

The Troll Leather Set can prove really useful later on for taming and makes those who focus on stealthy gameplay have an excellent advantage.

Troll Leather Armor is also very light and will make it easy for you to get around, making it one of the best sets used even if there are stronger items.

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