Valheim: Obsidian Farming Guide

Valheim Obsidian

Obsidian is a resource that can be mined in Valheim and is mainly found in the Mountains biome, usually in the higher areas.

Unlike Silver, which is also found in the Mountains biome, Obsidian does not need to be searched for using a Wishbone; it can instead be found in plain sight.

It is vital to have a good amount of Obsidian because it is used to craft different types of arrows which provide an advantage against enemies.

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How to Farm Obsidian?

To farm Obsidian, you will need to head over to the Mountains biome and start scaling the mountains as you search for it.

You will notice that Obsidian Deposits can be found with a slightly different appearance from other larger rocks found in the Mountains biome.

Obsidian Deposits are easy to spot since they are darker in color and have mixed black and grey parts that make them stand out in the snow.

You can destroy Obsidian Deposits with an Iron Pickaxe, and this will yield Obsidian which you can use to craft certain items.

You will need to make sure to have a way to resist the freezing status, which happens when you are in the Mountains biome.

Using a Wolf Fur Cape or Lox Cape will allow you to safely explore the Mountains biome, but if you do not have any of these capes, you can resort to using Frost Resistance Mead.

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Best Way to Farm Obsidian Ore

A good way to farm Obsidian ore is to have a storage outpost nearby to transfer it later on when you have a lot.

Making a Portal from your base to the Mountains biome outpost will be a big help so you can travel faster between locations.

Make sure that you have eaten enough food to raise your stamina and health as you will be facing enemies from time to time and will also need stamina to scale the mountains.

You can easily run around the Mountains biome and mine the Obsidian Deposits that you find in the area.

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Obsidian Uses

Obsidian currently has only a few uses, but these are quite handy, especially for those who focus on using a bow as their main weapon.

The following are Obsidian recipes in Valheim.


  • Frost Arrow
  • Obsidian Arrow
  • Poison Arrow

Crafting Upgrade

  • Tool Shelf


Obsidian is an important resource for later on in the game since it is required to make Frost Arrows, which is currently one of the game’s strongest arrow types.

Certain Upgrades can be done with your equipment once you have also created the Tool Shelf, which also requires Obsidian.

It is a good idea mainly to keep a stock of Obsidian for arrows, but in the future, it may be possible that there will be more uses for Obsidian.

Be careful when searching for Obsidian as you may encounter Wolves and Drakes in the Mountains biome as well as Fenrings at night.

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