Valheim: Silver Farming Guide

Valheim Silver Farming

The cold Mountains biome is a danger to anyone who isn’t prepared, but something rewarding makes players want to venture towards it.

The abundance of Silver can be found in most Mountains biomes that makes it worth exploring the area and fighting past any threats along the way.

Silver is one of the late-game items that you can mine in the Mountains biome, and it doesn’t take a lot to understand where to get Silver in Valheim.

As you progress from the Iron-tier, you will need Silver to create all the Silver armor and weapons you will be using.

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How to Farm Silver?

Silver can be mined in the Mountains, but you will need to find it first as it is hidden from plain sights when you travel this biome.

The best way to farm Silver in Valheim is to first find a part of it and dig around it to make sure you don’t miss out on any parts of the Silver vein.

You can always start mining it once you find it, but it is important that you do not miss out on the other parts.

To find Silver, you will need a Wishbone which is obtained by defeating the third boss, Bonemass, making it a requirement to progress from this part.

You may need a way to resist frost, which is mainly done by wearing a Wolf Felt Cape or a Lox Cape, but a temporary solution would be to use Frost Resistance Mead.

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How To Find Silver?

In order to find Silver veins, you will first need to obtain a Wishbone which is done by defeating Bonemass.

Take note that Bonemass will drop a Wishbone for each player present during the Boss fight, which means everyone gets one.

Equip the Wishbone (uses accessory slot) and roam around the Mountains biome until it starts alerting you of a hidden item.

You will notice green particles appearing and a beeping sound, which means an item has been detected nearby.

Continue searching for where the signal originates until it starts alerting you faster and once you are right on top of it, start digging with your pickaxe.

Silver veins can usually be found 3-5 layers below where they are causing an alert, and these are usually found in larger Mountain biomes, as smaller ones sometimes have none. 

Best Way to Farm Silver Ore

The best way for you to farm Silver ore is to either have an outpost where you can drop the Silver ore you have farmed off.

Keep searching for Silver and continue to farm and drop them off at the outpost until you have an abundant amount of it.

Once ready, you can transport it via running or using a cart (you can also use the world transfer method) and bring all of your hauls to your main base.

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Silver Uses

Silver is mainly used for making gear, and most of the Silver recipes include late-game armor and weapons, which you can use as you progress in the plains.

The following can be crafted with Silver:


  • Drake Helmet
  • Linen Cape
  • Lox Cape
  • Silver Shield
  • Wolf Armor Chest
  • Wolf Armor Legs
  • Wolf Fur Cape


  • Draugr Fang
  • Fang Spear
  • Frostner
  • Silver Sword


  • Silver Arrow


Silver is an essential resource for progressing in Valheim; it can also be used to craft weapons with specific properties that do additional damage to undead enemies.

It is possible to obtain Silver without a Wishbone, but this would take a lot of time, and a lot of mining will have to be involved since it is highly unlikely you can find it by guessing.

Once you get Silver, it is easier to progress further to the Black Metal tier later on as weapons and armor made from Silver have better stats than Iron equipment.

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