Valheim: Wishbone Guide

Valheim Wishbone

The Wishbone is an item you can equip to find hidden items in Valheim that are unseen to the blind eye.

One of the main reasons you will need this item is so that you can progress to obtaining more Iron Deposits and find hidden Silver Veins.

This Wishbone guide will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to how to get a Wishbone and what you can do with it.

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Where To Get Wishbone?

The Wishbone location is pretty much anywhere you face Bonemass as it only drops by defeating him, but it may be hard if you are unprepared.

You will need to gain access to the Swamp biome before you can face Bonemass as you will need to collect the proper items for summoning it and the gear for the fight.

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How To Use Wishbone?

If you are wondering how does the Wishbone work, it is an item that you must equip, and this takes up an accessory slot.

This means if you are wearing items such as the Meginjord or Dverger Circlet, it will replace them when you equip the Wishbone.

You will need to equip the Wishbone first and roam around areas until you see green effects appearing around your character and hear a beeping sound.

These signs indicate that you are near a secret spot and start to spark faster the closer you are to a hidden spot.

Once you are confident in the location, start digging with your pickaxe, and you will eventually find Silver Veins in the mountains, Iron in the Swamp biomes, or chests in other locations.

The Wishbone will stop giving an alert for a specific hidden item once you have interacted with it, such as opening a chest or mining hidden metal.

Wishbone Range

The Wishbone will start alerting you once you come within 20 meters in the proximity of a hidden object and will continue to be more rapid as you get closer.

Pay close attention when you get a sign and listen to the beeps to get an idea of how close you are to avoid moving in the wrong direction.

If you leave the hidden object range, the alerts will start again once you move back into range of it.

Wishbone Misconceptions

Some may think that when equipped, the Wishbone is not working, but in truth, it will only start showing signs when you are near a hidden item.

You can’t find Silver easily unless you have a Wishbone equipped because most of the time, it is hidden in the ground, which you must dig up.

It is best to make sure the Wishbone is active and blinking fast before you start digging around because sometimes you may end up digging in the wrong spot.

What Can the Wishbone Find?

The Wishbone mainly detects items hidden under surfaces or at the side of mountains, and you will need a pickaxe to help you get to them.

You may find the following with a Wishbone equipped:

  • Muddy Scrap Piles (Located in the Swamp biome)
  • Silver Veins (Located in the Mountains biome)
  • Buried Treasure (Located in the Meadows biome)

It is possible that there will be more hidden items that you can find with a Wishbone in the future, and it is best if you keep yours aside whenever you do not need it instead of tossing it away.


Do not worry if some mountain ranges prove to have no Silver Veins, as it is not always easy due to the chance of not finding Silver.

It would be best if you focused more on large Mountain biomes as these are more likely to have Silver within them and in a larger quantity.

It is possible to farm Silver without a Wishbone, but this can be hard since you will have to dig in random spots, while sometimes you can get a hint from seeing part of a vein sticking out.

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