Diablo 4 Abstruse Sigil (How to Get & Uses)

Wearing different kinds of jewelry provides your character with additional stats, including resistance against certain elements as well as offensive bonuses.

These can be increased later on as the jewelry you are wearing is upgraded but when it comes to higher levels, certain crafting materials are required.

One of these is the Rare Crafting Material known as the Abstruse Sigil, which becomes a valuable material that you need later on for better equipment.

Diablo 4 Abstruse Sigil

About Abstruse Sigil

An Abstruse Sigil is the result of salvaging a piece of legendary jewelry, which can later be used to improve the ones you currently have.

These are fragments that come from storied relics and talismans, that have unusual properties and can be used to improve other pieces of jewelry.

How To Get Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4?Abstruse Sigil in Inventory

Abstruse Sigils are mainly obtained by salvaging Legendary Jewelry, which you can do by visiting a blacksmith and they can be found in most towns.

Once you have Legendary Jewelry that you do not need, you can simply salvage it to get an Abstruse Sigil or more if you salvage multiple pieces of them.

Another way to get Abstruse Sigils is by exploring the Helltide areas, which occur now and then as certain chests can provide you with Rare Crafting Materials.

Abstruse Sigil Farming

To get your hands on a lot of Abstruse Sigils, it is best to collect as many Legendary Jewelry or higher rarity pieces as you can and salvage them at a blacksmith.

The drop rate for Legendary items increases as your level goes up and when you start dealing into World Tier 3 and higher stages.

Once you have collected a bunch of Legendary Jewelry, you can salvage them to get a lot of Abstruse Sigil that can be used later on.

Another way to get Abstruse Sigils is to complete events during the Helltide Event and open Tortured Chests as these can cause some to drop as well.

Best Place to Farm Abstruse Sigils

Since Abstruse Sigils will often be a result of salvaging Legendary Jewelry, you will want to grind dungeons that have strong enemies such as elites.

The chests, elites, and events that you encounter have a good chance to reward Legendary items when you are exploring World Tier 3.

Whenever there is a Helltide, it is a good idea to explore the area as well for events, chests, and Tortured Chests as these have a good chance to provide you with Abstruse Sigils.

Abstruse Sigil Uses

Abstruse Sigils are used for upgrading your Jewelry to level 4 and to level 5 when you visit a Jeweler, which improves the stats that they provide.

Each level beyond level 3 will require Abstruse Sigils and the stats will continue to increase for each time you upgrade your Jewelry.

This makes Abstruse Sigils important for the endgame Jewelry you have since it is rare and beneficial later on for your builds.


Since you can equip 3 pieces of Jewelry, you will need more Abstruse Sigils if you want all of them upgraded to level 5 later on.

This makes it important to level up Jewelry to level 3 if you plan on swapping it out later so that you can save up on Abstruse Sigils.

Once you have a good supply of Abstruse Sigils, you won’t need to hold back so much on them when it comes to switching your gear when you are in the endgame.

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