Diablo 4 Dusk on the Mountain Quest Walkthrough

Dusk on the Mountain is the first quest that you will receive once you start playing the game and is the first quest in the Prologue: Wandering Act.

You have recently survived a freezing storm and have now made your way out of the cave that sheltered you, but things are getting worse.

You will now need to head to the nearest town to seek shelter, but things may turn out to be a bit gruesome as you continue your journey.

Diablo 4 Dusk on the Mountain Quest (Prologue: Wandering Act)

How To Get Dusk on the Mountain?

Dusk on the Mountain will be the first quest that you obtain after you have started the game with a new character.

It begins after the opening cinematic where your character is traveling and later left stranded after their horse has been killed.

Dusk on the Mountain ObjectivesKilling Wargs using basic attacks

1) Find shelter in a nearby town

Once you wake up, you will need to head over to the nearest town, which will be marked on your map by a waypoint.

You are likely to encounter some of the weaker creatures in the game such as Wargs, who should be easy to kill with your basic attacks.

2) Find the source of the voices

As you reach the marked area, you will hear voices nearby and they sound like someone is in trouble, which later requires that you investigate.

Head to the west and there will be a cabin that you need to enter, which will reveal that there are villagers inside talking.

3) Speak with Oswen

One of the villagers named Oswen will stand up and you will have to speak with them, which results in you asking what is happening.

4) Follow Vani

It turns out something is wrong with one of the people inside the cabin and a woman named Vani tells you to follow her to explain.

Speaking with Vani. She instructs to protect the villagers

5) Speak with Vani

After following Vani into the nearby inn, you will need to speak with her and this will result in her asking you to protect the villagers.

Once you are done speaking with Vani, you will have accepted her request for help and will now be setting your path towards the ruins and the quest ends.

Dusk on the Mountain Rewards

Completing, Dusk on the Mountain Quest will reward you with a drip of experience that will most likely boost you to Level 2.


Just as it seemed as if you were about to get rest after your long journey, it looks like you are back into the fray and will need to help some villagers out.

These villagers seem a bit strange but they have asked for your assistance and you will now need to make your way to clear out some ruins.

The ruins will be nearby and you will need to begin the next steps of your journey by heading over to the ruins to clear them.

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