Diablo 4 Darkness Within Quest Walkthrough

You have previously found your way into a small settlement where villagers seemed to be holding down one of their members.

Later, you were able to speak with a woman named Vani who has asked for your help, which requires you to take care of the evil in the nearby ruins.

You will need to head over to the ruins to begin your investigation but getting there will not be a walk in the park if you are unprepared.

Darkness Within Quest (Prologue: Wandering Act)

How To Get Darkness Within?

Darkness Within Quest becomes available once you have finished the Dusk on the Mountain quest, which had you speaking to the villagers at Nevesk.

It was here that you learned about the evil learning near their settlement and you have previously agreed to protect them by ridding the ruins of the evil within.

Darkness Within Quest ObjectivesEntering Icehowl Ruins

1) Enter Icehowl Ruins

Continuing where you left off when you spoke with Vani, you will need to make your way from the in going to the ruins.

The entrance will be through a Tower Gate that can be found outside of the village to the north and you will need to head over to it.

2) Search the depths of the Icehowl Ruins

Once you have entered the Icehowl Ruins, you will need to continue making your way within by following the marker on your map.

Continue exploring each of the areas since there will not be that many paths to cross but you will encounter enemies along the way.

Fight your way through the Fallen and Skeletons in the area until you reach a large room (Chamber of Calling) filled with sacrificial markings around a decapitated priest.

3) Inspect the Decapitated Priest

Head to the center of the markings and interact with the Decapitated Priest to inspect the demon named X’Fal, the Scarred Baron to appear.

Killing X’Fal

4) Slay X’Fal

You will need to kill X’Fal and he will attack you with certain attacks that can be avoided while also summoning minions to aid him.

X’Fal is known to leap into the air and will land with a slam that can be avoided by moving out of the marked area or by dodging.

He will also use his weapon to slam the ground multiple times, allowing you to move around him to take advantage of his being busy.

At certain times, X’Fal will begin to levitate and will start to summon Hellions to fight beside him which are easy to kill.

Continue fighting X’Fal until he is defeated and once you have killed him, the quest will be complete.

Darkness Within Rewards

During the Darkness Within Quest, you will be able to gain enough experience to reach at least Level 4 and will be able to grab some equipment and Gold dropped by X’Fal.


The deed is done, you have braved the Icehowl Ruins and have killed X’Fal, which may only be a fraction of the evil in the area but it is a good start.

Now that you have defeated the evil in the Icehowl Ruins, it’s time for you to make your way back to Nevesk to tell them the good news.

Surely some good is to come from your deeds but the villagers still seem to be fishy and you would best be ready for whatever lies ahead.

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