Diablo 4 A Hero’s Return Quest Walkthrough

You were previously asked to help the people of Nevesk by clearing out the evil that lurked within the Icehowl Ruins and came out victorious.

It is now time for you to head back to the town of Nevesk as they will be eager to hear that you have helped them with their problem.

Your next step will be to leave the Icehowl Ruins and make your way back to the town to tell the villagers what has happened.

Diablo 4 A Hero’s Return (Prologue: Wandering Act)

How To Get A Hero’s Return?

A Hero’s Return is one of the quests in the Prologue: Wandering Act which starts once you have completed the Darkness Within quest.

This occurs once you have found and slain X’Fal, which now sets you on your way back to tell the villagers that things are now okay.

A Hero’s Return Quest ObjectivesReturning to Nevask

1) Return to Nevesk

Your fight with X’Fal in the previous quest will have left a path that allows you to leave the Icehowl Ruins, which is by taking a rope going to Icehowl Taiga.

Interact with the rope to leave the ruins and once you are outside, you will need to make your way back to the town by following the marker.

2) Speak with Vani

Once you reach Nevesk, make your way into the inn and Vani will be there along with other villagers who are having a good time.

You will need to interact with Vani to speak with her and this will lead to a cutscene where everyone begins to celebrate your accomplishment.

The cutscene begins with Vani telling you they have nothing to reward you with aside from food and drinks, which leads to a celebration.

During the celebration, you continue to enjoy the drinks and food given to you but suddenly pass out and are later taken by Oswen who has placed you on a cart.

The quest ends here and a new one begins later once you wake up.

A Hero’s Return Rewards

Completing, A Hero’s Return will reward you with 107 XP and 150 Gold, which happens when you wake up with the next quest called A Hero’s Reward.


You just came back from killing monsters in the nearby ruins and to your surprise, things didn’t turn out as hospitable as you expected them to be.

It looks like the villagers have put something in the food and drinks that they had given you, which has caused you to lose consciousness.

There is still hope for your survival though as it seems you are not the only one who the villagers may have taken captive.

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