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valheim Fine Wood Farming

In Valheim, you will notice that there are different kinds of trees amongst the different biomes, some of these trees are the Birch Tree and Oak Tree.

Basic trees normally provide wood when cut down but the Birch Trees and Oak Trees provide you with a different, sturdier type of wood known as Fine Wood.

When it comes to the question of how to get Fine Wood, you will have to progress in the game or resort to using certain game mechanics to obtain it.

Fine Wood is important for crafting many structures, especially the Portal which allows you to basically warp to other spots by being connected with another Portal. 

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How to Farm Fine Wood?

There are multiple ways to get Fine Wood which involves cutting down either Birch Trees or Oak Trees but others can resort to the Valheim’s Collision system to get it Fine Wood early.

A Fine Wood location for farming can easily be found within the Plains later on in the game but as you start out in earlier tiers, you should resort to the Meadows.

Chopping Birch Trees

Chopping down Birch Trees is impossible in the early game as you begin Valheim but this can have a workaround which we mention later.

You will need a Bronze Axe or an axe of a higher tier than Bronze to deal damage to Brich Trees before cutting them down.

Once a Birch Tree has been cut down, you can break its logs which will break into pieces of Wood and Fine Wood.

A Birch Tree too hard message will be displayed if you attempt to attack it with a weapon with a lower tier than Bronze.

The Birch Tree location is mainly in Meadows for early game but later on, as you discover the Plains biome, you will find that there is an abundant supply of them.

You can distinguish Birch Trees by their white color which makes them stand out amongst the other trees in the game.

Chopping Oak Trees

Just like Birch Trees, Oak Trees also provide Fine Wood but can only be cut down with a Bronze Axe or higher tier axe.

Oak Trees produce a higher yield of Wood and Fine Wood but are slightly harder to chop down which is obvious by their appearance, being a tall and wider type of tree.

You can find Oak Trees in both the Meadows and Plains and can easily distinguish them by their large size.

Destroying Birch and Oak Trees with Collison

When an object such as a log or tree collides with a Birch Tree or Oak Tree, this will deal damage to it and can be exploited to break them.

You can cut down a Beech tree with any type of axe and make it collide with Birch Trees or Oak Trees and even push them repeatedly until they break.

Using other trees to destroy trees that provide Fine Wood will get you the privilege of crafting Fine Wood items and structures, such as the Portal.

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Wood Cutting Skill

Since it is harder to cut down Birch Trees or Oak Trees, it is ideal to level up your Wood Cutting skill from time to time.

This will make it easy to destroy the harder types of trees and speed up your farming progress when you need to get Fine Wood in Valheim.

Using the collision method will not yield experience but it is a good way to get Fine Wood early on at the start of the game.

Fine Wood Uses

There are several uses for Fine Wood recipes and a lot can be made, which makes it important to have a good supply later on.


  • Abyssal Harpoon
  • Abyssal Razor
  • BlackmetalAtgeir
  • BlackmetalAxe
  • BlackmetalKnife
  • BlackmetalSword
  • Dyrnwyn (Not Yet Craftable)
  • FinewoodBow
  • Huntsman Bow
  • Porcupine


  • Banded Shield
  • Black Metal Shield
  • Black Metal Tower Shield
  • Iron Tower Shield
  • Serpent Scale Shield
  • Silver Shield


  • Mead Horn of Odin (For Early Supporters)
  • Tankard

Crafting Stations

  • Blast Furnace
  • Fermenter

Crafting Upgrades

  • Adze
  • Forge Cooler
  • Tool Shelf

Item Processing

  • Spinning Wheel


  • Bench
  • Black Banner
  • Blue Banner
  • Bonfire
  • Chair
  • Dragon Bed
  • Green Banner
  • Item Stand (horizontal)
  • Item Stand (vertical)
  • Personal Chest
  • Portal
  • Raven Throne
  • Red Banner
  • Reinforced Chest
  • Stool
  • Table
  • Ward
  • White and Red Striped Banner
  • Wood Dragon Adornment


  • Karve
  • Longship

Planting Trees

Sadly, there are currently no seeds for Birch Trees and Oak Trees and you will have to make do with the resources you get.

Eventually, you will need to explore more and find more Fine Wood trees to get the resource but the maps are large and there is plenty to get which is made easy with Portals.

It is said that after a long time ingame, that trees will grow back if you leave their stumps but this is too much when it comes to time, and it’s better to venture outward in search of Fine Wood.


Fine Wood is an important resource in Valheim and it has many uses, especially when it comes to weapons and armor that you can use to progress.

Portals and other structures require Fine Wood which makes it important to have a good supply when you need to build.

While Fine Wood may be used to create Coal from Charcoal Kilns, it is best to save these and use normal wood instead to save up for other needs.

Another way to get Fine Wood is to lure a Troll near a Birch Tree or Oak Tree and make it attack you while you dodge and allow it to destroy the tree and logs to drop wood.

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