Valheim: Fire Indoors Build Guide

Valheim Indoor Fire Build

In Valheim, your character will need light and warmth to remain in a comfortable state and it is important to make Campfire placements or other fires to provide them with such necessities.

Fire provides heat, the means to cook, and the ability to dry off when wet as well as to allow your character to rest in a bed but you need the right chimney guide to keep your character safe.

One of the main issues with fire, however, is that the smoke can cause your character to suffocate when the smoke fills your home.

In order to make a proper indoor fire, you will need to create the proper ventilation or make a chimney to allow the smoke to exit.

Smoke InHouses (Smoke Indoors)

Valheim has a unique smoke physics system that makes smoke move to head upwards and following any shape your home is built in until it gets to the top.

If the smoke cannot exit the building, the tendencies are that your character will suffer from the Smoked status effect, which drains your health the longer your character inhales the smoke.

How To Build a Chimney?

Creating a chimney roof or ventilation in your home is the solution and it will allow the smoke to exit from your home.

An issue with chimney rain can be quite annoying since your fire can die when it rains unless you have the proper chimney build techniques applied.

While there can be a lot of chimney ideas, you must have an open space for the smoke to flow through and a path for it to exit.

You can create walls above your fire to guide the chimney smoke into a certain shape which it will flow through.

Start out with placing your fire and creating a passage for it with walls leading to an opening at either the side or top of your building.

Once you have guided the smoke, create the end by leaving open space and designing it however you want.

You should always have a type of roof on top so that the rain will not put out your fire or else it will disrupt its effects and functions later on.

How To Build a Smoke Vent?

A smoke vent is similar to a chimney and instead can be made at the side of your building but the physics remains.

You can use walls to build a passage going to the side or simply cover the pathing of the smoke with walls so that it finds the nearest exit.

Leave an opening where you want the smoke to exit and sooner or later the smoke will follow or else you will witness situations where the fire keeps going out.

How To Build Campfire Indoors?

If you want to build fire indoors, you need to place it either on the ground where you have removed one of the floors or build on a Stone Floor.

Campfires cannot be placed on wood and you will have to resort to this technique but you can always raise the land to cover up any holes that may be present and place the Campfire.

Hearth Indoors

The mechanics with a Hearth is different and you may place it on wood or on stone structures, making it a better choice.

A Hearth chimney will require ventilation of two blocks which means you need to make the proper shape covering it from above.

Hearth placement is important as well since you can use it for cooking and it will keep you warm, allowing you to sleep in your bed.

If your Hearth keeps going out, it may need better cover and your chimney will need an adjustment but all you need to do is simply cover it from above with a roof to ensure it stay lit.

Hearth wood is needed to light it up which is very convenient and the hearth size is approximately only two blocks.


There are many chimney designs you can choose from and you can play around with either using walls, poles, and different roofs.

What is important is that you provide the right pathing for the smoke to travel through and leave an open part for it to exit from your home.

Not only does this provide proper safety for your character, but it also makes your home feel cozier and allows you to cook indoors.

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