Valheim: Blueberries Farming Guide

Valheim Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the earlier foods that you can get when you first start out in Valheim, but there are even more uses for it than you would expect.

You won’t be able to get Blueberries until you venture out further from the Meadows, which is the biome you initially start in.

These give a small boost in health and stamina when eaten, but they are also ingredients for better food and can be used for mead production.

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How to Farm Blueberries?

To farm Blueberries, simply head over to the nearest Black Forest and look around for bushes that have blue fruit on them.

You can pick the berries from the bushes, which causes them to drop first before going into your inventory.

Blueberries will grow back after 5 hours, and if you want to get Blueberries often, you should mark the spots on your map where you pick them for later on.

Beware of enemies such as Greydwarfs and Trolls as they may be lurking around, which can prove quite dangerous to newer players.

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Where To Get Blueberries?

Blueberries are currently available for farming in the Black Forest and will not appear in other biomes such as the Meadows or Plains.

You may notice multiple patches of Blueberries in one area and should consider marking the locations of these for later on when you decide to return to get more. 

Blueberry Planting

As of now, there are no such things as Blueberry Seeds that drop or can be processed, and there is no way to cultivate them.

It is possible that in the future, a method of farming these via cultivation may be available, but for now, you will need to stick to picking them.

Try to avoid destroying the bushes they grow on as this will remove the Blueberries in that area, and you will have to go look for more.

Blueberry Uses

When eaten, Blueberries provide the player with a buff of 15 health and 20 stamina which lasts for 600 seconds.

Along with the health and stamina, players will also benefit from 1 health regeneration per tick.

Blueberries are commonly used as an ingredient for making Queens Jam which provides a decent early game boost in health, stamina, and regeneration.

There are meads as well that help your character’s health and stamina, which pretty much function as potions.


  • Queens jam


  • Mead Base: Minor Healing
  • Mead Base: Tasty


  • Blue banner


Most players ignore different kinds of berries when they get a hold of meat, but it is essential that they fully understand what other food can be used for.

Blueberries make a great starting food and ingredient for making Queens Jam as it is easy to make, and you can get a large number of berries early on.

Saving the locations of Blueberries on your map is a good idea, and you can, later on, visit all of the marked locations on your map to pick them in a rotation for more efficient Blueberry farming.

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