Valheim: Cloudberries Farming Guide

Valheim cluoudberries

You may run into different kinds of berries in Valheim, and these depend on which kind of biome you are in but are more common from mid to late game.

One of the stranger types of berries is Cloudberries, and these can be used for different things such as cooking and taming.

To farm Cloudberries, you will need to find their right location to use them later on when you need them.

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How to Farm Cloudberries?

Cloudberries are easier to find than most berries you would farm in other biomes in Valheime because there are plenty of their plants scattered around the Plains biome.

You will be unable to find Cloudberries in other biomes as they only exist in the Plains and are not that hard to spot.

Look for the plants that stand out amongst the grassy fields and pick them off to make them drop, allowing them to be collected.

Beware of Deathsquitos when you are looking for Cloudberries, as they can be flying around most times and can deal a tremendous amount of damage when you least expect them.

Cloudberries will grow back after 300 hundred minutes, and you can mark their location on your map so that you can return them every once in a while them.

Lox Taming

Cloudberries are used for taming Lox in Valheim and make this process easy since you can farm this in large quantities.

Lox is also easy to tame since they will not notice you right away and can be fed Cloudberries by merely tossing them near the creature.

Most would recommend building a large trap for them, but you can resort to stealth, a small barrier, or a dug pit.

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Cloudberries Uses

Cloudberries are used for cooking, make wine and mead, and tame one of the larger creatures in the game, Lox.

These are the current Cloudberries recipe uses in Valheim as of now:


  • Lox Meat Pie

Barley Wine

  • Fire Resistance Barley Wine


  • Medium Stamina Mead

Planting Cloudberries

Since there is no Cloudberries seed available in Valheim, you will have to resort to picking them from their plants every once in a while.

Some may have guessed that you will be able to find their seeds later on, but this is a misconception, and the only way to get them is by taking them from their plants.

However, it may be possible that berries of all sorts may be available for cultivation, depending on future updates.


Later on, in the late game, you will want to make use of Cloudberries for taming Lox as they provide an adequate supply of meat or good defenses for your base.

Lox Meat Pie is a good food item since it provides 80 health and 80 stamina, making it one of the best foods to eat alongside other late-game ones.

Fire Resistance Barley Wine may come in handy when facing enemies that can deal fire damage, such as Surtlings or Fulings with torches.

Be careful when farming Cloudberries as nearby Lox who spot you, Fulings and Deathsquitos may sometimes sneak up on you to attack.

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