Valheim: Lox Meat Farming Guide

A great deal of sustenance comes from the animals you hunt in Valheim, and there are different kinds of meat that you can get depending on what you kill.

One of the best kinds of meat you can get from creatures is Lox Meat which drops when you slay a Lox.

There are things to be careful of when farming Lox Meat as Lox does not go down quickly, and you will need to find them first before you can kill them.

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How to Farm Lox Meat?Valheim Lox

Lox Meat can only be obtained by killing Lox, and these creatures will drop Lox Meat in multiple quantities.

You can find herds of Lox in different spots when exploring the Plains biome, but most of these creatures will not become aggressive unless attacked or if you get too close.

It would be best if you were careful when farming Lox Meat because there may be Deathquitos and Fulings in the area, which can prove to be quite dangerous.

It is easy sneaking up on a Lox as they have imperfect senses, which easily allows you to deal a sneak attack to deal bonus damage with the first hit.

You can dig or build in an area to create a trap for a Lox so you can kill it quickly by making it stuck.

Lox can be slowed down for a short time with Frost Arrows which can help you pick off more shots before it catches up.

Do not attempt to run away from Lox by swimming in the water, as they can catch up to you in the water and attack you.

Lox Meat Uses

Lox Meat is meant for cooking purposes as of now, and these provide you with a fair amount of health and stamina, making it one of the best foods for late game.

The following are the Lox Meat recipe items:


  • Cooked Lox Meat
  • Lox Meat Pie (crafted with Cooked Lox Meat)

It takes 60 seconds for Lox Meat to be cooked in a Cooking Station.

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One would think that Lox Meat drops in the same amount that others drop, but thankfully this is not true as they drop in larger amounts.

Lox Meat can be collected and stored in stacks of 20 and may either be cooked as Cooked Lox Meat at a Cooking Station or used further for making Lox Meat Pie in a Cauldron.

It is more beneficial if you use Lox Meat for Lox Meat Pie instead of eating it as Cooked Lox Meat as this will provide you with a large amount of health and stamina.

If you do not have the means to craft Lox Meat Pie, you can temporarily resort to cooking Cooked Lox meat since you can later use them to make the Lox Meat Pie.

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