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Valheim Barley

Barley is one of the highly searched ingredients in Valheim due to its many recipes that can be crafted with Barley Flour.

Besides its food recipes, Barley can also provide an excellent fire resistance by being turned into a mead base.

Since their food requires a good supply of almost any ingredient, this makes Barley worth farming, and luckily, you can continue to cultivate this ingredient.

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Where To Get Barley?

When it comes to finding a Barley location, your best bet is to head to the Plains biome as this usually is where it can be found and the only place it can be grown.

If you stumble upon Fuling settlements, you will find that there are spots of cultivated land which will either have a set of Barley or Flax grown.

You can pick the Barley from the ground and receive two pieces for each crop that you harvest but be careful of the area’s enemies.

You can either run past the Fulings and snatch the Barley in the area or kill all enemies and safely harvest all of the crops and check for loot in the area as well.

How To Farm Barley?

Barley farming is the same as with any other crop, using the Cultivator to plant it on cultivated land (which can be created using the Cultivator) and grow it into another Barley crop.

Once the Barley has been fully grown (it takes up to two days), you will be able to harvest it, and it will yield 2 Barley per crop.

Every time you get the crop, you should resort to more Barley planting to multiply it by two and keep going until you have as much as you need.

An excellent way to farm Barley is always to leave a significant amount instead of planting smaller amounts and starting all over again.

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Barley Uses

Barley is used to making Barley Flour used with different kinds of food, and it may also be used in crafting the Barley Wine Base needed to make Fire Resistance Barley Wine.


  • Barley Flour (Used for Blood Pudding, Bread, Fish Wraps and Lox Meat Pie)


  • Barley Wine Base: Fire Resistance

Barley can be pretty scarce, especially when there are not many Fuling settlements, and even if there are, it can be annoying to deal with them.

It is a good idea to plant as much Barley as you can and continue to regrow them until you have an abundant supply later on.

Barley Flour is made by placing Barley into a Windmill, and the Barley grow time is approximately three ingame days.


It is a good idea to save as much Barley as you can and plant it to multiply it repeatedly until you have enough for your food needs.

As Barley is used for many food items, you can farm other ingrients while processing in the Windmill later on.

Barley spacing is not that important as eventually all of it will grow, but if you want to make the most out of your time, it would be good to leave a space (the same size as the barley crop) in between.

If you find that your Barley disappeared, this may have occurred if you accidentally hit the crop or if an enemy hits it.

You will have time to do other things while waiting for the Barley Growth time but may also resort to sleeping whenever it gets near dark to fast forward the progress.

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