Valheim: Serpent Meat Farming Guide

Valheim Serpent Meat

The ocean is vast, and there is a creature valued by its rare meat, the Sea Serpent, and several of them lurking about in the dangerous waters.

Those who seek to obtain Serpent Meat will have to come face to face with Sea Serpents to kill and collect their meat.

Having a good supply of Serpent Meat can mean a lot in the long run as they can be used to craft some of the best food items in Valheim.

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How to Farm Serpent Meat?

Sea Serpent meat is only obtainable when you kill a Sea Serpent, and this can be pretty dangerous because you will have to search for them in the Ocean biome.

Because of their ferocity, you will have to make sure you are prepared, and using a Raft is not advisable as it can easily be destroyed.

You should resort to using a Karve or Longship as these can outrun Sea Serpents and can last longer in a battle at sea.

An easy way to kill Sea Serpents is to use a bow and arrow and take it out from afar to avoid damaging your own boat.

Frost Arrows can be a big help as they can slow the Sea Serpent down for more shots until you manage to kill it.

Players can utilize the Abyssal Harpoon to keep a hold of the Sea Serpent so it does not escape and may even drag it towards the shores for an easier kill.

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Sea Serpent Location

Sea Serpents are primarily found in the Ocean biome but may appear near other large waters near other biomes adjacent to the said biome.

As you sail in your boat, you will notice your location may change into different biomes, whereas sailing around in the Ocean biome will make it more likely that you will encounter a Sea Serpent.

There are specific Sea Serpent spawn locations, but it may be difficult to pinpoint them since they tend to swim around.

You could mark the location where you encounter a Sea Serpent to get an idea of where to farm them every now and then.

Most of the time, you won’t be the one to find the Sea Serpents as they tend to find you, and you will notice them by the sound they make when they begin chasing.

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Serpent Meat Uses

There are currently two Serpent Meat recipe food items available in Valheim, and these can make a huge difference when it comes to a boost in health and stamina.


  • Cooked Serpent Meat (Cooking Station)
  • Serpent Meat Stew (Cauldron)

Cooked Serpent Meat is prepared by cooking them at a Cooking Station and will take about 61 seconds to cook.

Serpent Stew is cooked using 1x Cooked Serpent Meat, 2x Honey, and 1x Mushroom when cooked using the Cauldron.

It is better to save your Cooked Serpent Meat for Serpent Stew since it’s lighter and provides a better food buff of 80 in health and stamina and 4 health regeneration for 2400 seconds.

Cooked Serpent meat is heavier and provides 70 health and 40 stamina and a health regeneration of 3 health per tick over 2000 seconds.


Hunting Sea Serpents can be pretty tedious, especially when it comes to Sea Serpent solo farming, but it is quite possible as long as you make the proper preparations.

Make sure to have a complete set of armor and a good bow, and use at least enough food items to keep your health up to 100 or more.

A Karve does well but can still be destroyed if you are reckless, which makes the Longship the best choice as it is currently the fastest and sturdiest boat in Valheim.

Serpent Stew, along with other end-game food, makes it possible to boost your health to over 200, making fighting bosses and more formidable enemies easier.

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