Valheim: Sea Serpent Hunting Guide

Valheim Sea Serpent Hunting

Serpent hunting can be quite a challenge, especially if you are not up for the task when it comes to gear but the rewards, later on, can make a difference.

You might want to hunt Sea Serpents because of their Serpent Scales or Serpent Meat which can be of good use with your progression.

In order to hunt Sea Serpents, you will need to know where to look and how to take the monsters out before they destroy your boat.

Where to Find Sea Serpents?

The whole ocean and the parts that it surrounds can be considered the Sea Serpent spawn location but there are only a few that can be alive at a time and these creatures swim around.

In order to find Sea Serpents, you will need to get on a boat, supposedly a Karve or Longboat, and sail across the ocean until you find one or until one finds you.

Eventually, you will come across a Sea Serpent as long as you are further away from the land as they tend to stay away from the shore.

How To Defeat Sea Serpents?

There are multiple ways that you can take out Sea Serpents but the best ways are to either take it out with Bows or to drag it towards the land to fight it there.

You can drag a Sea Serpent using an Abyssal Harpoon to catch it and sail towards land to fight it there but sometimes the line can break.

Another good way is to simply shoot at it with your bow until it dies but be sure to aim well because once its health is low, it may try to escape.

What you can do is take an Abyssal Spear, throw it at the Sea Serpent and switch to your bow and attack it as this is a good technique for solo Sea Serpent hunting.

That way the Sea Serpent won’t have a good chance of escaping and you can easily kill it within less than a minute.

Sea Serpent Drops

The following are the possible drops of the Sea Serpent:

Sea Serpent Meat

You can craft the following with Sea Serpent Meat:

  • Cooked Serpent Meat (70 health and 40 stamina)
  • Serpent Stew (80 health and 80 stamina)

Serpent Scale

  • Used to make Serpent Scale Shield (Serpent Shield) which is pretty much the only Sea Serpent armor available right now.

Serpent Trophy

  • Just a trophy for now that you can display.


As you progress in the game, Sea Serpents become easier to kill and you can take them out with a few shots.

Try to ensure they cannot escape by using an Abyssal Harpoon or you will need to aim better if they try to get away.

The Sea Serpent Meat is a huge game-changer in the late game and will allow you to get a big boost in booth stamina and health.

Just as the Sea Serpent is deadly, its rewards are quite promising for those who dare to take on the challenge.

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