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Valheim Stamina

The stamina mechanics in Valheim can be quite challenging for some players and it is necessary that you keep your stamina as well as health in top shape.

When you are going out on an adventure, make sure that you stock up on food so you don’t get caught in a weak state by enemies.

You pretty much start out with a low amount of stamina but can always use food to bring it up so you can travel further, fight longer and survive in the harsh lands of Valheim.

What Does Stamina Do?

Your stamina is used when you perform different actions in the game and this includes running, jumping, attacking, swimming, building, and much more.

The more actions you do, the more your stamina will drain and this is represented by a yellow stamina bar which appears when it gets drained.

Stamina that is used also allows you to gain experience and level up certain skills that improve the actions you do in the game.

By eating better food and getting a rested buff, you will be able to do actions that make it seem as if you have unlimited stamina.

How to Increase Stamina?

Just like with your health, you gain a stamina buff whenever you eat food and every type of food has different effects.

Eating food provides a temporary stamina upgrade which greatly benefits your character and allows them to do more before they get tired.

With a high amount of stamina along with the rested bonus, you will increase the chances of your survivability and you can do more at your base when building or farming.

Stamina Regeneration

If you find your stamina regen too slow, you might want to get a rested buff which is done by staying in a place that has a campfire, shelter, and other comfort-providing structures.

The decorations in your base or furniture can stack and increase the duration of the rested bonus you get after resting.

You will experience slow stamina regeneration when your character is wet or cold and this can be fixed by staying near a campfire. 

Stamina Food Combinations (Stamina Build)

Any combination of berries will do the trick when it comes to early game stamina buffs but later on, you may want to increase your stamina and prioritize it over health.

Stamina priority builds include the following:

  • Different combinations of berries – This is mainly for early players and eating mushrooms and berries can provide you most of the time with a moderate stamina buff.
  • Cooked Meat, Grilled Necktail, and Berries or Mushrooms – This provides you with a good amount of health and stamina, allowing you to survive and perform more actions.
  • Cooked Meat, Queens Jam, and Sausages – This is a mild upgrade from lower stamina builds and will allow you to benefit from a high amount of stamina.
  • Carrot Soup, Turnip Soup, and Sausages – Focusing greatly on stamina as well as health, this combination provides your character with a good balance to survive.
  • Serpent Stew, Lox Meat Pie, and Fish Wraps – The ultimate stamina combination, it provides you with an insane amount of stamina that prevents your character from getting tired often.

Stamina Mead

You can create stamina potions, also known as Stamina Meads which can instantly restore your stamina within a few seconds.

There are two options when it comes to Stamina Mead which is the following:

  • Minor Stamina Mead (restores 80 stamina)
  • Medium Stamina Mead (restores 160 stamina)

It is possible that there may be better stamina potions in the future.

Eikthyr Stamina Buff

After defeating the first boss Eikthyr, you can acquire and use its Forsaken Power to give you a 5-minute buff.

This buff provides you with a reduction of the amount of stamina consumed when you run and jump by 60% until the 5 minutes are over.

Using Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power will start a 20-minute cooldown which you must wait for before using the power again.


Some find stamina annoying and this is natural for almost any game but luckily, there are many ways to keep your stamina in a good condition.

With the proper food and getting a rested bonus, it could seem as if you had infinite stamina and you would be able to do much more in the game.

The stamina increase from foods alone is enough to ensure the survival of your character and you should keep in mind that having a good stock of food can ensure you progress faster in the game.

Remember a Viking without stamina can be considered a soon-to-be-dead one.

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